Luh Tyler hilariously struggled to name any songs from Rubi Rose in a new interview this week.

Luh Tyler Can't Think of Any Songs by Rubi Rose

On Tuesday (Aug. 8), Velvet Residence interviewed Luh Tyler for a new episode of "A Whole Snack," which can be seen below. While trying Japanese snacks, the 2023 XXL Freshmen highlighted some moments in his career and even mentioned that Rob49 had the best 2023 XXL Freshman freestyle. In one segment of the discussion, however, the Florida native was at a loss for words after he was challenged to name three songs by Rubi Rose.

At the 3:14-mark of the video, Luh Tyler puffed out his cheeks and raised his fist in the air before giving the question some thought. Five seconds later, the rapper unveiled that he couldn't come up with an answer.

"I don't know," Luh Tyler said in the video. "She slides, though."

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Luh Tyler Shows Love to Rubi Rose

On Feb. 23, Luh Tyler posted an interview on TikTok, which can be seen below, where he said he'd choose Rubi Rose over Jayda Wayda. Luh Tyler has also used the Kentucky rapper as a source of inspiration in two songs. In one lyric from his 2022 single, "Law and Order," Luh Tyler talks about trying to choose a woman with Rubi's features. The 17-year-old even delivered rhymes about wanting to cuff up the model on his hit record, "Fat Racks."

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Take a look at Luh Tyler trying to list songs by Rubi Rose below.

Watch Luh Tyler Hilariously Struggle to Name Any Songs From Rubi Rose

Watch Luh Tyler Say He Chooses Rubi Rose over Jayda Wayda

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