There's a few lessons to be learned while listening to Luh Tyler's rhymes, but one of the most important: get money. At a fresh-faced 17 years old, the Tallahassee, Fla. native has navigated through the murky swamp of rising artists over the last year to become hip-hop's hottest teen from the bottom of the map. His signature track "Law & Order," which takes the ever-popular theme song from the famed TV crime drama of the same name, showcases the swagger and verve that have fans of all ages running up his streams. While fat racks are certainly on his mind, Luh Tyler also brings a smooth playa spirit to his 2023 XXL Freshman freestyle, in which he nonchalantly admits he's a G.O.A.T. and "the rapper of the year."

The 2023 XXL Freshman's cool factor in his flow drifts off him like a bucket of cold ice hitting the heat. It's in the air. "They like, 'Tyler, you the G.O.A.T.'/Bitch, I know/Bro, they got a stick, it get to knockin' like, 'Who at the door?'/I can't lie, that lil bitch got a noggin, man, I love her throat/I had a couple thousand in my pocket, spent that on a coat," he rhymes in a slick Florida drawl.

Life has been good for Luh Tyler, who signed to Motion Music and Atlantic Records late last year, and he's making sure his team also gets in on some of the benefits his career has afforded him. "Put me on the mic, bitch, I'm a snot, know I don't need no hands/I'm wit the bros, can't rock the show if they don't let ’em in/Diamonds on my chain, might make it snow like, 'Where the weathaman'/It ain't ’bout no pape then I can't go/I need that chedda, man/You ain't got at least a 10, then you can't come in here," Tyler delivers.

The new kid on the block prides himself on rapping off the top, and makes a bold claim as he closes out his freestyle: "I ran the raps up once again, I'm rapper of the year/N***as mad I dropped that pen and dipped that chandelier/N***as just be cappin', we stand on that biz, for real/Man, them boys be cappin', we get to the bag, for real/I got your bitch up on my trail since I signed my deal/Every day we on the chase, I need 100 mill/Why these n***as like to hate, I'm gettin' that money still/Skiii."

As one of the youngest Freshmen in XXL history, the Tally-bred rhymer has his eyes on stardom. Tyler's debut mixtape, My Vision, released this past March, features another one of his popular tracks, "Back Flippin," and the mellow number "You Was Laughing." His raspy vocals take center stage on the ideal soundtrack for summer, when getting money, girls and a good time are priority for the guys. Hitting the top doesn't seem too far out of Tyler's reach since he's made it this far by being his cool, calm and collected self.

"I'm in my own lane," Luh Tyler tells XXL. "I stand out ’cause I don't be talkin' about killing and all that, spendin' big dollars [in my music]. It's like smooth playa, about money, girls, just livin' life. Being real to myself. I don’t be dissin' nobody or gettin' in beef or nothin’. And I be cool with everybody."

Take a closer look at Luh Tyler's motion in his Freshman freestyle below.

Watch Luh Tyler's 2023 XXL Freshman Freestyle

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