Ro Ransom is a rapper out of Harlem, N.Y., who's just as comfortable spitting as he is singing. He recently signed a deal with the Sony imprint SamePlate and now has new music. Ro's latest track is "Wraith," which is all about cash and cars.

Early on, Ro is concerned about being taken advantage of. "Why these bitches plottin' on my green/messy hoes stay fuckin' up the scene," he shares, clearly coming from personal experience. "In or out, aint no in-between/Ridin' so hard, can't remember how to sleep."

The pre-chorus is Ro bragging at his best. "New shine, bet it make you wan' shade me/Broke boy talkin' down, it don't phase me," he says near the middle of the track. He's also running off on partners: "Head game, let a nigga go crazy/Smash once, I wake up and go Schwayze." Overall, he just wants to be free, as evidenced by lines like "'Cause sometimes I just gotta go do my own thing/Flying through the sky, getting high as an angel's wings."

With that said, Ro is always ready to bounce back. "Can't tell a lie on my dogs, with the kid home safe/Left up out the hood, had to walk, bet I come back in a Wraith," he spits. Never sleep on Ro; he can always figure it out.

Ro Ransom dropped his mixtape, Momentum, in late 2017, and in August of last year, he appeared on Jazz Cartier's "Make A Mess."

Give "Wraith" a listen below.

Same Plate Entertainment/ Sony Music Entertainment
Same Plate Entertainment/ Sony Music Entertainment

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