Ro Ransom returns with new heat. The Harlem artists premieres his latest release, "Wraith (Remix)," with XXL.

A follow-up to the original "Wraith" track, which appeared on his September 2018 EP, Possessed, the new version is produced by Y2K. The single finds Ro rapping over a concoction of harp strings and heavy bass.

"Smoke out the Rolls 'til it stink/Pop one, maybe do all types of things," he rhymes. "Wraith make me feel like me/Chains so chilly make singer want to creep/Why these bitches plotting on my baby?/Messy hoes stay fucking up the scene/In the aisle, ain't no in between/Grind so hard can't remember how to sleep."

"The remix was inspired by my childhood," Ro tells XXL. "I wanted it to sound like how I felt when I first fell in love with JLo at first site. Y2K and I have a synergy and he basically read my mind and made it sound like evil love at first sight."

Ro plans to have a productive year in 2019. "A lot more music [coming]," he reveals. "Wait on it. I’m in L.A. on the studio grind right now. I don’t know how I’m gonna roll out the music, I just know there’s about to be a lot!"

Listen to Ro Ransom's "Wraith (Remix)" below.

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