RiFF RAFF and DJ Afterthought are back again working on a new album. Today (Jan. 24), they drop "Test Drive" featuring Wiz Khalifa.

The hook is supplied by Wiz who conjures up a melodic chorus that will make you believe you're floating on the most majestic weed cloud imaginable. RiFF RAFF delivers his usually candy paint soaked verses rapping about playing basketball with jewels in his teeth, Versace walkie-talkies and references to Dustin Hoffman, Herschel Walker and everything else in between.

"It's the tan Peter Pan/Pecan sedan/Butterscotch boss/Butterscotch fans," raps the Houston native. "Test Drive" is off of RiFF RAFF and DJ Afterthought forthcoming album Aquaberry Aquarius that is scheduled to drop Jan. 30. Right now RiFF RAFF is on a North American tour. View the tour dates below.

The self-proclaimed rap game Warren Moon released his Peach Panther album in the summer, then followed it up with the Halloween-themed Balloween in October.

Back in November, Riff Raff deemed himself the white Kanye West and announced that he's making a new album called The White West, which is due out in June.

“IM THE WHiTE KANYE WEST SO NEW ALBUM DROPPiNG JUNE 24 2017,” he wrote on social media. “THE WHiTE WEST.”

It's going to be another busy year for RiFF RAFF.

Aquaberry Aquarius Tracklist:
1. "Hit Me Up" (feat. Lisa Cimorelli)
2. "Test Drive" (feat. Wiz Khalifa)
3. "My Ice"
4. "Root Beer Float Ghost" (feat. Tomi Dibiase)
5. "Word Around Town" (feat. Choo Jackson)
6. "I'm Not Waiting on the Summer"
7. "Codeine Counselors" (feat. Fat Nick & Germ)
8. "Last Time I Checked" (feat. Bones)
9. "Jody Highroller Dot Com" (feat. Choo Jackson)

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