Rick Ross has had a wild six months that has seen him get arrested for allegedly pistol-whipping and kidnapping a man on his property and get engaged to Lira Galore. Rozay was up early this morning to talk about it all on Power 105.1's "The Breakfast Club" and along with announcing a new album called BLACK MARKET, Ross also spoke on his ongoing problems with 50 Cent and the Drake vs. Meek Mill beef.

While he couldn't comment directly on his pending case, Ross did speak on 50 Cent taking a picture with the man the MMG boss allegedly pistol-whipped and called the NY rapper a "loser" and teased him for filing for bankruptcy. "Yeah, two losers...It's gonna be all good, it's the boss," said Rozay. "I'ma be honest, it's really not personal at all with me. I just feel homie is a shallow, weak dude. And you gotta be shallow at this point...I'd probably be in my emotions as well if my first album was called Get Rich Or Die Tryin' and I filed bankruptcy."

When prompted about the Drake vs. Meek Mill beef, which the public deemed as a runaway victory by Drake, Rozay tip-toed around the question, comparing the beef to two kids fighting over Jordans and making it about himself instead.

"At the end of the day for me, my position, I think this is what's good for the culture. I've seen it, we've all seen it, you will have skirmishes and you will have scrimmages going for that number one spot," said Ross. "I feel like really by Meek Mill being my little brother and Drake being my little homie, I felt like they were two little homies in high school fighting over a pair of J's and when the new J's come out, they back cool. With me, I really beef. With these records released, no names were mentioned....When I first started beefing with a certain particular person, there was a lot of people's opinion that I lost in the beginning and at the same time my shows went from $30,000 to $75,000"

He did end the statement by saying, "Right now, Meek is making some of the most powerful music he's ever made."

Check out the full interview above.