After dropping the songs "2Free," "Forever Lit" and "Burn Baby Burn," Rexx Life Raj has finally released his latest album, Father Figure 2: Flourish. The 15-track project includes features from Iman Europe, G-Eazy and Russ.

"Typically a father figure is someone who gives game and wisdom in hope that it makes the journey easier for other people," said Raj about the album. "These songs are grounded in feelings/life-experiences that I've been through/learned from and I want to share those with the world. It's easy to rap about material things, i.e. money, jewelry, clothes, but it's harder to be vulnerable and open about trials, tribulation and emotion."

On the Russ-assisted "Burn Baby Burn," Rexx shows off his sing-rap style as he interpolates Prince's "Erotic City," singing, "If we can not make babies, maybe we can make some time/We got shit to figure out, I can't get you off my mind/Do you ever think of me? I think about you all the time/I know I ain't the only one, so I'mma just fall in line."

Check out the tracklist and listen to the project below.

Rexx Life Raj's Father Figure 2: Flourish Tracklist

1. "2Free"
2. "Where I Belong"
3. "Level Up"
4. "Lowkey Lovesong" Feat. Iman Europe
5. "Paradise"
6. "Never Had Shit / Feels"
7. "Fiji"
8. "More Than Enough"
9. "Neighborhood Dopeman"
10. "Forever Lit" Feat. G-Eazy
11. "The Otherside"
12. "More Love"
13. "Not My Friend"
14. "Ventilation, Pt. 3"
15. "Burn Baby Burn" Feat. Russ

Rexx Life / EMPIRE
Rexx Life / EMPIRE

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