With the Inauguration happening today (Jan. 20), Rejjie Snow shares his new single "Crooked Cops," which takes a hard look at police brutality and racial tensions in America and Ireland. The track was produced by Rahki and will appear on Rejjie's debut album, Dear Annie, due out later this year.

"Officer, my hands is up/Please don't shoot, but I might run/Run nigga, run nigga, run nigga/I've been black since '91/Piggy piggy, hold your tongue/Run nigga, run nigga, run nigga/What, you want some open graves?/I'll make you catch this fucking fade," he raps.

In a recent interview, Snow explained why he felt the need to create the new track.

"Me and my producer were watching some black exploitation films and that's kind of where the initial idea came from," he said. "One of my boys had just got locked up for some things so I was just on some anti-police shit. When Rahki made the beat I had a lot of emotions. I must have written the song in 30 minutes and I guess that's why I sound different, I was feeling aggressive and angry."

Before the 300 Ent. artist drops Dear Annie, he will be releasing The Moon In You, a free project featuring a collaboration with Joey Bada$$ sometime very soon. "I'd say it's more of an art project, I've got like a short film to accompany it. Lots of poetry," Snow adds.

He's also announced a three-show residency in March at New York City's Berlin. Peep the dates below and bump "Crooked Cops" above.

New York City Residency:
March 1 - New York, NY - Berlin
March 8 - New York, NY - Berlin
March 15 - New York, NY - Berlin

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