Reese drops the first single off his upcoming album Reese Vs. The Universe. The single "Just Saying," is the first release from Reese LaFlare's LP. If you like a lot of bass in your music and high energy, this is the song for you. "Just Saying" is produced by Foreign Teck.

"I'm just tryna ball out like we in 2K/Diamonds on me dancing, watch my wrist parade/Your girl all in my facial, bitch exfoliate/Lame nigga say "let's build," I'm already made," he raps. Reese has a knack for making fun records.

The budding MC had a pretty good 2016, releasing his Before the Universe mixtape and gaining a bigger fanbase. He started off 2017 with a bang by releasing his Been Had Boyz collaborative EP with Key! in January. Been Had Boyz is probably not the last project fans will get from the duo as they have already set up a social media account for the duo.

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