During the peak of Tory Lanez and Joyner Lucas' rap battle, the ADHD spitter attempted to diss the Love Me Now? rapper by saying "When you sing, you ain't half bad, but you rapping like Ras Kass" on his "Litty Freestyle." Now, after Lucas served up his second Tory diss ("Zeze Freestyle") the West Coast MC himself is firing back at Lucas just for the not-so-flattering name-drop.

Yesterday (Nov. 26), Ras Kass released "Smoke Break"—which is a diss track aimed directly at the "Lucky You" rapper. The song begins with a brief loop of Joyner's bar in question followed by braggadocio bars over dark production by Simplex. Kass wastes no time reminding Joyner of his status as a rap game OG.

"They asking me if you bashed Ras, well why don't we ask Joyner," Ras Kass raps at the top of his verse. "Salute or a fast jab?, no need to debate over/missing the context, wasn't you dissing Lanez/Can't play if the game's over, and Luke can't train Yoda."

In the video for the diss track, Ras includes footage from Joyner and Rap Kass' joint Instagram Live sessions as well as clips from classic TV shows and films before officially tapping into the melee by unleashing ferocious bars over a part of Joyner's own "I'm Not a Racist" instrumental.

"'Litty'.. that's just a match that was already finished, Strike once and the flame is diminished/Struck out like nepotism, I just gave son the business/Rasy stupid Lucas, cut him in half that's how you dis-join'er Doofus," Ras Kass spits.

Towards the end of the track, Ras says that it's all love and their back-and-forth is what makes hip-hop so exciting. That's when the Family Guy theme plays and Ras laughs triumphantly until the end.

Listen to Ras Kass' diss track toward Joyner Lucas called "Smoke Break" below.

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