It's been two years since DeJ Loaf turned the hip-hop industry upside with her "Try Me" single. Today she's back with a new track titled "Hold It Down," which is produced by Buddah Bless This Beat. DeJ keeps it gutta, rapping about holding it down for her team and sending out a message to everybody that listening to not mess with her.

"A nigga want what? Yeah go get me two boy/I be hanging with the killers know a couple Jew boys/April baby I am, a fucking fool boy/I do not wanna beef I just want a few coins/Niggas talking like they killers we some fucking gorillas/All my fam locked up cause they just don't have no chillin'," she raps on the first verse.

The former XXL Freshman previously made her return to music last month with a new track that featured her flipping Beanie Sigel’s 2004 classic cut “Feel It in the Air.” Liberated, DeJ's highly anticipated debut album, doesn't have a release date yet, but fans will enjoy "Hold It Down." The new song is apart of her #Dejember campaign, which should continue for the rest of this month. Bump the new banger above.

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