G-Eazy's album When It's Dark Out has been a strong performer on the charts since its release this past December, but the rapper has not wrapped up the push for the LP just yet. The Bay Area rhymer revisits the LP to provide some visuals for the Chris Brown and Tory Lanez assisted track "Drifting."

Following along with the story of the song, the music video depicts G-Eazy struggling with a relationship that is falling apart. The video sees G-Eazy and his girl hanging up on each other at different points in this journey as their bond becomes more and more strained. The Oakland rapper wonders if his success in music is to blame for the current state of their relationship.

"I blame it on the distance/Why I'm fucking with these bitches/These numbers in my phone/A text pops up, she's like who is this/You probably got a mistress/Probably every week it switches/Now is this cause for concern/And should I be suspicious/I'm overseas tripping, a million miles away/And she's still in L.A., my mom's out in the Bay/And these overseas minutes add up, that's a lot to pay/I can pay it, yeah I know, but it's the excuse I say/She's been tryna track me down/I feel like I'm catting now/Dodging her when she's the one/I'm out here tripping, actin' wild/Start to wonder if I've changed/I'm like how could that be now/Would these bitches be here really/If I wasn't rapping now," G-Eazy raps.

G-Eazy's second studio album When It's Dark Out can be purchased now on iTunes.

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