Yesterday, Kid Cudi called out any rapper who's claiming to be top 5 without penning their own rhymes, writing, "Everyone thinks they’re soooo great. Talkin top 5 and be having 30 people write songs for them." His comments caught plenty of attention, with Rah Digga responding, "YOU BETTER SPEAK ON IT!!!! THIS DON’T JUST APPLY TO THE DUDES EITHER!!!" Through a series of tweets that follows, Digga then makes subtle and direct allusions to the fact that Nicki Minaj should be included in the list that Cudi says starts with Kanye West and Drake.

"I understand this is a business and folks do what they gotta do w/ writers. Make your hits. But who’s the best MC convos, YOU ARE DISMISSED," Digga wrote on Wednesday (Sept. 14). A Twitter user then tells the rapper to sit down and that she would get dusted by Nicki, lyrically or otherwise. "I think I’ll stand… while I wash your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper in 2016...and 2017," she writes back, later asking, "w/ her lyrics or Safaree’s??"

Nicki's breakup with Safaree Samuels made headlines when the new Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star suggested that he played a significant role in a majority of the music Nicki has released in her career. A report that Samuels was planning to sue Minaj for his proper royalty cut went against tweets that he published in Jan. of 2015 in which he wrote, "i never said i wrote her raps...she is wayyy more than capable of writing a album on her own without me!"

It's not clear here whether Rah Digga is operating off of any tip or insider information or simply running with rumors, but she advises any other Minaj fans not to rile her up any further. "The LAST thing y’all want is for this to our over into music…this I PROMISE!" she wrote, later finishing her comments with, "I don’t need millions of sales. I just need ONE focused rap nerd coppin that Rah Digga Digga and my job is done. You figure it out. #BARZ." Could that hashtag be a jab at Nicki, who calls her fans Barbz? It seems likely considering how direct Digga was in previous tweets.

Check her full run of comments below.

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