If you were expecting another collaboration between Drake and Quentin Miller, don't hold your breath.

In a string of deleted tweets caught by the hiphopheads Reddit thread yesterday (Sept. 30), the "Puff Free.." rapper initially posted a link to Drake's song "No Tellin." While Miller is not credited on that track in particular, a fan asked him if he'd get back in the studio with the 6 God, to which Miller responded "Never working with that guy again...."

He elaborated in another tweet, writing, "Deleted that tweet not out of fear.. I literally don't even care for that to become a thing... we're finished.. he's doing him, I'm doing me... point blank..."

"Enjoy If You're Reading This [It's Too Late]," Quentin added. "That's it tho.. shit dead."

For the record, Miller is credited on at least two tracks off Drizzy's surprise mixtape, including "Know Yourself" and "10 Bands."

Miller not wanting to associate with Drake is not a huge surprise, seeing he came under fire—and suffered a beatdown, allegedly—when rumors circulated that he was Drake's ghostwriter during the infamous Drake/Meek Mill in the summer of 2015.

Speaking of ghostwriting, QM alluded to writing Wiz Khalifa's "Letterman" track during his Twitter spiel, which he claims was originally meant for himself. "I sent to an artist to see if he would throw a verse on it... next thing u know it was a wiz record," he tweeted. "Like, cut and everything... what ima do? Stop it?? Fuck na lol."

He appears to be taking it in stride, however, later adding "Btw Shoutout to @wizkhalifa ... internet be takin shit outta context... hopefully we'll work fr one these days..."

In related news, Quentin Miller dropped the visual for his new song, "Road Less Traveled," today (Oct. 1), which comes ahead of the release of his forthcoming album X/X, which drops on Oct. 10.

@quentin__miller via Twitter
@quentin__miller via Twitter

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