2016 saw Quavo become pretty much the go-to guy for show-stopping guest spots, and he's already back to continue his duties in 2017. This time, he lends his talents to a song titled "Hot Topic," a new single from Boston's own Born.

"Hot Topic" finds Born and Quavo cruising over a beat that sounds like it was made while they were sitting in the sand as they touch on their lavish lifestyle. Quavo's hook on the song is especially memorable. "Hot topic, told her pop it," he says in the first part of the chorus. "We hot boxing on the tropics, yeah we on an island." The Migos member's signature adlibs can be heard throughout the multi-layered hook that will surely get this track a ton of exposure.

For his part, Born turns some casual bars touching on all the normal trappings of typical big time trapper. While the hook for "Hot Topic" is definitely the best part of the entire track, Born rides the beat effortlessly and there's no chance you'll be skipping past his verse.  All in all, this is a solid collaboration we'll probably be hearing a lot more of over the next few months.

In other Quavo-related news, Migos' album Culture has pretty much exceeded everyone's expectations with their new album. According to Billboard, their newest album is all set to move between 100-120,000 units in its first week. It's safe to say Quavo and Migos are important to the culture.

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