Fresh off dropping her new project, A Girl Cried Red via Rough Trade Records, Destiny Frasqueri, a.k.a. Princess Nokia, is back with a new video for the song “For the Night.”

The visual, which she co-directed alongside music video director Milah Libin, picks up right where Nokia’s video for “Your Eyes Are Bleeding” leaves off. Princess Nokia finds herself smoking alone while reminiscing about all the shows she’s done, which she says has made her more distant from her friends and loved ones. "Smash my heart in pieces, it looks so good on the floor," she sings. "For the night, for the night/State to state, back to back/Get the bag, airtight/I could change your whole motherfucking life."

Before the clip comes to a close, she sheds her clothes and take's a dip in her own private pool in her room. The vibe is real.

The video maintains the emo and hip-hop aesthetic that dominates her new project, which will get a limited edition red vinyl release on June 22. The New York-based rapper, who launched herself to the next level with her 2017 album 1992 Deluxe, has been releasing tracks on YouTube and SoundCloud since she was in high school and has sold out venues across the globe.

On her new project, she also tackles things like depression on the new track “Your Eyes Are Bleeding.” "Holding on to things I had, I bottle up inside," she delivers. "Wanna face my demons but denial makes me high/Thought I had it figured out, I guess it was a lie/Thought I was a grown-up but I'm really just a child."

Aside from her new music, check out Nokia’s bi-weekly Beats 1 Radio show “Voices in My Head,” where she talks about the many important facets of Nuyorican culture and her identity as an Afro Puerto Rican woman. In her show, which has been picked up for a second season, she also talks about her influences and all things emo, pop and punk.

Watch Princess Nokia take a dip in her "For the Night" video below.—Jake Deven

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