The ever-controversial President Donald Trump made a lot of waves when he said that he was planning to talk to Sweden's Prime Minister about freeing A$AP Rocky from jail on Friday afternoon (July 19). Now, people on the internet are hoping Trump eventually turns his attention to trying to free Tay-K.

On Friday, the 19-year-old Texas rapper was reportedly convicted of murder and aggravated robbery, and though he hasn't been sentenced yet, he supposedly faces five to 99 years or life in prison for murder and three counts of aggravated robbery. Despite the conviction and evidence against the controversial rapper, people are using their Twitter accounts to ask the polarizing Commander-in-Chief to free the jailed rapper.

"Bro Trump hear me out PLEASE there’s this other rapper who needs your help named Tay-K he ain’t do nun I swear," wrote one Twitter user, feigning obliviousness to the crimes Tay-K's been convicted of. "Donald Trump can free A$ap Rocky but JT and Tay-K are still locked up?" wrote another user who also made time to suggest City Girls' J.T. should also be released from prison.

Tarrant County Texas authorities hold Tay-K responsible for the July 2016 robbery and subsequent murder of 21-year-old Ethan Walker. He is also held responsible for the shooting of Zachary Beloate, who was shot during the robbery but survived. The rapper was found guilty of murder and aggravated robbery and previously pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated robbery, but not guilty to the one count of capital murder.Tay-K faces five to 99 years or life in prison on each of his convictions.

On July 2, Rocky was arrested on suspicion of assault after a video of himself and his crew fighting a man in Sweden went viral. On Friday, a judge granted prosecutors' motion to keep A$AP Rocky behind bars until at least next Thursday so they can further investigate his case.

See Twitter users either suggest or ask Trump to free Tay-K for yourself below.

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