We've already established that First Lady Melania Trump is a biter not a writer when it comes to speeches. Now President Trump is being accused of lifting lines for his inauguration speech. People are saying the reality show star turned politician stole bars for his big day from, of all places, the Migos' Quavo.

The line in question is from Travis Scott's "Pick up the Phone," where Quavo raps, "I hate when we fight...I'm in love with all races, hell nah don't discriminize."

According to a meme floating around the Internet, Trump boasted an eerily similar line while addressing the nation, after being sworn in. "As a nation, I hate when we fight. I love all races equally. I do not discriminize," the meme quotes the POTUS as saying.

Even though the alleged Trump line is not accurate, the purported jack move made its way across Quavo's desk, who posted the meme on Instagram, along with the caption, "Yo artist be taking my swag I wonder if [sic] can come take some of urs!! Damn Trump."

Trump is only officially two days into his presidency, but he is already feeling the heat from his opposition. Yesterday (Jan. 21), women gathered in different cities across the nation in support of women's rights. The nationwide movement coincided with a number of anti-Trump rallies that also took place.

On the day of the inauguration, Jaden Smith and Shia LaBeouf kicked off a four-year-long anti-Trump live stream where participants can go to chant "He will not divide us," all day, every day, for the next four years.

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