Philadelphia's own PnB Rock has been raising his profile as he went from local success story to a national artist when he signed with Atlantic Records and saw his record "On Fleek" take over the clubs. The rapper/singer released his RnB 3 mixtape back in November, but has been keeping busy since then with some new singles

The latest creation from PnB Rock is a track titled "You the One" produced by Richie Souf. PnB Rock crafts a love song on "You the One" as he lets a special lady know the she's the one for him.

"Woke up this morning, you was in the kitchen/I thought you was just washing the dishes/Found out you was really water whipping/That's why I love you shawty cause you different/You ain't like these other bitches/You count it up and help me get it/When I come home five in the morning/You know what's up, you ain't tripping/You know you love the way we living/In and out of all these cities," PnB Rock sings on the track.

The production by Richie Souf is a stands out on this record as the beatmaker continues to rack up some high profile placements. Richie Souf will be featured on Yo Gotti's upcoming album The Art of Hustle, which is scheduled to be released on Feb. 19. Richie Souf has been putting in work with PnB Rock too, so "You the One" is just a small taste of what's to come. Fans can expect to hear more from the PnB Rock and Richie Souf combination very soon.

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