A Playboi Carti song leaked online this week in the wake of rumors that his new Music album is coming soon.

Playboi Carti's Unreleased Song Gets Leaked Online

On Friday (Sept. 1), an unreleased song from Playboi Carti appeared online as rumors started about his new album, Music, coming soon. It's still unknown who leaked the record. The song, which XXL is unable to share due to copyright but lives on the internet via message boards and similar mediums, is reportedly titled "Wicked (Killers)" and may be on Carti's upcoming LP. In short, the song stays true to Carti's signature punk-rap sound and baby voice-styled cadence.

After the leaked track dropped on social media, fans on Twitter were happy to have access to the unreleased content. At the same time, Carti enthusiasts believed that the leaked record will halt the release of Music. The album has no release date currently.

"Bye-bye Music," one person tweeted.

Another person typed, "This might be the best leak."

"Carti moved dem dates and y’all said ight bet," a third person commented.

Playboi Carti recently rescheduled the U.S. dates for his Antagonist Tour. It was supposed to kick off on Sept. 6 in Denver. Now he'll head to Europe first, and U.S. dates will begin in 2024.

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Playboi Carti Plays "Wicked" and Mentions His New Album Music

In April of 2022, XXL interviewed Playboi Carti for an exclusive cover story in the spring issue of the magazine. Before conversing with XXL's Editor-in-Chief Vanessa Satten, he played "Wicked." During their one-on-one discussion, Carti revealed the name of his forthcoming album.

"You just played some new music," Satten stated. "One song was 'Wicked.' You mentioned you had a new album. What can you say about that?"

"I was about to name my album Music because that’s where I’m at," Playboi Carti responded. "You know what I’m saying? Music."

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Check out Playboi Carti's leaked single, "Wicked (Killers)," here.

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