Though Pimp C passed away back in 2007, we've still been treated new music from him in the years since, though it hasn't been without controversy. The Pimp's widow, Chinara Butler, has been in a legal battle with his label, Rap-A-Lot Records, about the ownership of the late rapper's masters. And though Chad Butler's wife was reportedly unhappy with the selection of music for his album Still Pimping it hit shelves and the 'net last week.

Maybe her claims were not baseless, though, as the second posthumous release from the UGK co-founder often bears diminishing returns. As before, Rap-A-Lot has gathered UGK contemporaries and admirers from Lil Keke to Slim Thug to craft another posthumous album. Big K.R.I.T., who has been compared to Pimp C in his sound, style, and ability to rap and produce, get a spot on “Grippin On The Wood” alongside Bun B, which proves to be a stellar symbolic passing of the country-rap torch. “Watch The Reaction” is fun, with Pimp spitting gleeful shit-talk over a choppy, David Banner-style organ, while the smooth “I’m So Proud of Ya” flips the Isley's “Choosey Lover” to kick some real talk to the women.

For those hungrily craving another dose of that Port Arthur-bred boasts, Still Pimping's first half is enjoyable, as the guest-heavy project has a mostly genuine sound. UGK lifers would be better off bumping Super Tight or Ridin’ Dirty one more time, though, and, in the immortal words of Pimp C, "Smoke somethin', bitch!" —Aaron Matthews

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