Offset reportedly has more legal issues piling on his plate.

On Thursday (May 2), the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that authorities in Sandy Springs, Ga. have issued a warrant for the rapper's arrest after video footage captured Offset smacking a phone out of a fan's hand at a Target store. The 18-year-old fan, whose name is Junior Gibbons, filed a police report documenting the incident last Friday. After cops investigated, they reportedly deemed the act a felony since the phone is priced at $800, which is above the $500 limit to qualify as criminal damage to property in the state of Georgia.

The video in question was recorded on April 23 and shows the Migos rapper walking in Target with another man who is carrying a large box. When Offset passes by the fan, Gibbons got closer and said, "What's up Offset?" That's when the rapper reached back and smacked the phone out of his hands.

The phone inadvertently crashed on the floor, which cracked the screen. Police reportedly believe the act was intentional.

XXL has reached out to Offset's team for comment.

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