President Trump announced via Twitter over the weekend that the vaccine for the coronavirus is on its way to the United States, but some rappers aren't feeling the latest preventive measure for the virus. Offset is one of those artists.

TMZ caught up with ’Set in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Saturday (Dec. 12) and asked the Atlanta native if he plans on taking the vaccine.

"I don't trust it, though," the Migos member told the reporter. "You ain't see the little app? The little thing online where the people face turning to the side? Yeah, I just don't wanna be the test dummy."

Offset also said that former President Barack Obama volunteering to take the coronavirus vaccine on camera won't sway him either.

"Nah," Offset replied. "’Cause you know, in reality, we blessed. Certain people in certain opportunities get certain things."

The Migos rapper went on to reference former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani saying that his "celebrity status" helped him to get special treatment for his COVID-19 diagnosis.

"If I go to the hospital here, they're gonna admit me fast, they're gonna get me faster than the normal person, which ain't really fair. So, me seeing [Obama] do that wouldn't make me feel like I still wanna do it myself," Offset explained.

Offset added that he wouldn't want preferential treatment with the vaccine either because a lot of people, especially within the Black community, are dying from the coronavirus.

The image ’Set mentioned earlier in the conversation about the individuals with their mouths slightly distorted is likely from a Twitter post, which shows three people who supposedly took the Pfizer vaccine. The volunteers who reportedly took the vaccine developed facial paralysis, according to the tweet. However, there is no confirmed truth to this information.

As of Sunday (Dec. 13), NPR reports that more than 16 million U.S. citizens have tested positive for the coronavirus. Additionally, over 290,000 people have died from the illness. Currently, the highest-risk states include Rhode Island, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana and North Dakota.

See Offset weigh in on the coronavirus vaccine below.

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