Nicki Minaj's sister Ming Luanli recently opened up about her rap career and what it's like being the sibling of a world-famous hip-hop star, admitting she was bullied during her youth.

Ming Luanli Talks Being Nicki Minaj's Sister

On Wednesday (June 26), Ming was a guest on a new episode of the We in Mami Podcast. The aspiring rapper-singer talked about her budding music career, her sexuality, family and of course what it was like growing up being the sister of one of the most famous rappers on the planet. According to Ming, it was a bit of a struggle.

"I'm not gon' lie, when people know who you are, it is a hard thing to ignore," she said around the 5:45 mark of the interview below. "In elementary, middle school, high school, the moment people knew who I was, it was either like they would ask me about my sister or ask me like just weird things that's gonna make me feel uncomfortable. Make me feel like I was not meant to do singing, I was not meant to be rapping."

Ming confirmed the constant questions led to bullying and uncertainty. "I used to be bullied a lot for it," she continued. "Because people used to say, 'If this person was your sister, why didn't she do this for you? Why didn't she do that for you.' At a young age, you don't know how to answer questions like those. At the time, I felt not only attacked, I felt vulnerable. I felt like I was by myself."

She later confirmed she has no hate for Nicki, with whom she shares a father, despite the Young Money rapper not helping boost her career.

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Nicki Minaj's Sister Starts Rap Career

Ming Luanli began releasing music earlier this year, first appearing on the Rakeem Love track "Do It Again" back in January. The following month, she put out her new single "Thinking Bout U" featuring Iz LaMarr and Masika Kalysha. Ming spoke on her independence in an Instagram post at the time.

"So, basically, as I'm going to start my music career further on, I will no longer be known as Nicki Minaj's little sister," she said. "I am known as Ming Luanli. And right now I'm going to do big things with myself without having to get secret help, any type of easy help. I'm going to work my way to the top."

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Check out Ming Luanli opening up about growing up as Nicki MInaj's sister below.

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