Nicki Minaj calls in to The Breakfast Club and discusses various topics, including how she's postponing her ABC show and how excited she is about the future of female hip-hop.

In December 2015, Nicki announced the cast for her upcoming ABC sitcom. Now, she states the show is postponed, telling The Breakfast Club, "It's postponed because a lot of things were happening in the same time. Creatively we wanted to make some changes with the pilot. We're taking our time. Everyone involved wants it to be perfect ... There were other things that needed to be figure out first."

The 33-year-old artist also touches on meeting her idol Lauryn Hill for the first time. She says, "Such a real moment ... I was at a loss for words. She was super sweet and gracious, and I was not expecting that. She was in a room next to me the whole time, and I was kinda nervous to even run into her in the hallway. Then, all of a sudden, I literally said the words, 'Do y'all realize my idol is right there?' And within 30 seconds of me saying that, she walked into my room."

Minaj discusses her upcoming music, saying, "I have so many things that I'm working on that are really exciting ... so I'm happy about that. And I've been in New York for a while, so I feel like New York gives such a different energy. I'm happy to be home. I always feel like 'It's time to go back to sunny California.' But this time I'm actually enjoying myself in New York."

Nicki also teases a possible Beam Me Up Scotty 2 mixtape, saying that she listened to it on TIDAL the other day and it reminded her how dope her mixtape era was. She says, "One of the most freeing things is just doing whatever the hell you wanna do and having fun. During that time, I just did what I wanted to do. I didn't think that anybody was going to really hear me. I was like 'Hey, I'm free to make mistakes ... That's the beauty of art, when you're free to make mistakes, it propels you to another level."

Additionally, the NYC rapper talks about her respect of the female newcomers in the game, including Young M.A and Dej Loaf. She says, "I got a thing for Young M.A for sure. There's something about her I really love. I've met Dej Loaf and I think she's dope, too. People act like just being a female rapper is hard. But being a male rapper and being taken seriously is hard, too. We're in the era of mumble rap, and some of it is super dope and some of it is, let's see where this goes." Finally, Nicki says she loves Lil Uzi Vert and talks about an upcoming track with Fetty Wap. You can listen to the full, 14-minute interview above.

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