Killer Mike is capitalizing off Hillary Clinton's misfortune. The Democratic presidential candidate experienced a massive leak earlier this month when thousands of her camapign's emails were made available to the public. One email to Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta read: “I guess Killer Mike didn’t get the message.” Killer Mike decided to turn that into a t-shirt.

The Atlanta rapper has launched a new shirt with the email plastered across the front. Killer Mike, who supported Bernie Sanders in the primaries, is no fan of Clinton, so the move makes sense. The Run the Jewels member has previously stated that he would not be voting for Clinton or Donald Trump in the upcoming election.

"As Americans, we have to understand that in the world we’re an empire,” Mike said. “We’re an empirical force. We as citizens need to start demanding… We had one candidate this year who had a strong chance of winning who was anti-growing war and that was Bernie Sanders. And we didn’t vote him in and we’re getting what we asked for. We’re asking for more war. If you don’t want any war, you’d be voting Jill Stein. If you want less government and war, you’d vote Gary Johnson. But if you’re voting for Trump or Hillary Clinton, you’re voting for the same thing. All of us as citizens need to get over our classicisms and vote for the betterment of us all.”

If you would like to purchase on Killer Mike's leaked email shirts, you can cop them here. Check out what they look like below.

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