Nef The Pharaoh's debut album is here. The Vallejo rapper dropped The Big Chang Theory on Friday (Aug. 10) with features from Dej Loaf, Cuban Doll, ALLBLACK, Yakki and more.

Nef's Sick Wid It labelmates OMB Peezy and JT The 4th guest on "Victim" and "A," respectively, but their boss E-40 unfortunately sits this one out. Lead single "Big Boss Chang," which received a video last month, anchors the project.

The album comes three years after Nef broke big with "Big Timin'" and on the heels of July's Porter2Grape, his excellent joint EP with 03 Greedo. The Chang Project, which Nef described as this album's prelude, hit the streets last April.

The music doesn't stray far from Nef's post-hyphy sweet spot. The bass is thick, the tempo is brisk and the flows float and glide. It's a proper introduction to the MC for anyone who's been sleeping and may kickstart the rapper's goals as articulated to XXL's The Break back in 2015.

"I wanna be up there with the Jay Zs, the Biggies and the 2Pacs," he said. "I wanna be a living legend. I want everybody to know Nef like they know E-40, like they know Puff Daddy. I wanna be somebody who monopolizes the rap game."

Listen to Nef The Pharaoh's The Big Chang Theory below, where you'll also find the tracklist and cover art.

Nef The Pharaoh's The Big Chang Theory Tracklist

1. "Victim" featuring OMB Peezy
2. "Lefty"
3. "A" featuring JT The 4th
4. "Boostin"
5. "Big Boss Chang"
6. "Offerings"
7. "86" featuring Cuban Doll and ALLBLACK
8. "Huh" featuring Yakki
9. "Knock Down A Fan"
10. "What We Have" featuring Dej Loaf
11. "Tokyo Driftin" featuring Raymond McMahon
12. "Bsisso"
13. "Totally Different"
14. "That Was God" featuring Jay Brown and Lesia Brown


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