You gotta get it out of the mud if you want to shine, and Harlem rapper Neek Bucks fully understands that. His latest song and video is "One Day," where he enlists Atlanta's YFN Lucci to share his tale of trying to survive his neighborhood, all while pursuing his dream of becoming a famous rapper.

The BenjiFilmz-directed video starts in a NYC housing project, featuring Lucci and Neek surrounded by their crew. The camera cuts to the two rapping in a bodega, with Lucci singing the hook as he sits on the counter. The rest of the video features the squad moving through the projects, as the two artists perform the song.

On the track, Neek is mostly rapping about how far he's come from his past, while doing everything in his power to make sure it never catches him. "These killas around me, they gonna wanna eat when they food done/Keep 'em off the table, they try and plot on a new one," he raps, keeping his eyes open for anyone who may turn on him. "They want me back to serving the fiends, back to running from Ds/I booked the team, they couldn't come in between."

YFN Lucci takes hook duties here, and he shows why he's been sought after for the last few years. "Time to separate the real from the fake/Nigga try and take mine, he gon' have to pay/Try to play with mine, better plan a wake," he threatens. He also won't be caught slippin': "Better play it safe/Whole lotta sticks sliding on the interstate."

Both YFN Lucci and Neek Bucks are working hard this year. Lucci recently dropped the video for his song "The King" and the visual for his collab with Jim Jones, "Gotta Play the Game," hit the streets this month. Neek sat down with XXL in March for an interview, and shared what he'd like to do with his career. “I want to bring bars back; bring real New York [music] back, but in a young way," he shared. "I wanna bring the culture back.”

Catch the video for "One Day" below.

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