San Antonio Spurs power forward David West made big news over the summer when he chose to leave $11 million on the table to leave the Indiana Pacers to chase a ring with the Spurs. With a new team came a new social media embargo as West has decided to go silent on Twitter. Previously outspoken on issues on the outlet--West spoke candidly on the death of Eric Garner via Twitter--the NBA veteran has decided to back off Twitter heading into the new season. "I’ve actually just kind of drawn back off it some for some personal and business reasons,” West told Jabari Young of the San Antonio Express-News. “But more than that, my awareness is very high and very alert, very in-tone. I think sometimes in the social media space, things can get confused.”

West cited Drake's "Back To Back," the rapper's diss towards Meek Mill, as inspiration for his Twitter silence and the lyric "Trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers" directly influenced the NBA vet. "I don't want to be that Twitter fingers type dune no more," he said. "Something about that (lyric) just..." West won't be backing down from speaking on important issues, he clarified that he'd rather talk it out instead of type it out. "I'm not going to be typing," he said. "You want to ask me a question, you want to talk about something, talk to me."