Jay Z may be seen as a business and family man now, but there are no doubt countless stories of the rapper on the road and otherwise that expose a different side to him. Take for example the story that Memphis Bleek shared on a recent episode of N.O.R.E.'s Drink Champs podcast in which Jay punished his fellow passengers for not volunteering to pump gas.

"I remember we did a show at Syracuse," Bleek said. "I’m 14, can’t even drive, no license, nothing. It’s a couple niggas in the car, I forgot who was with us. So Jay, he pull over to the gas station like 'Yo somebody get out and pump the gas.' Nobody wanted to get out and pump the gas cause it's freezing. We’re in Syracuse, it’s snowing like a motherfucker. So Hov’s like, ‘Alright, I’ma pump the gas.’ He pumps the gas, nigga goes in the trunk though, don’t tell nobody nothin, comes out the trunk with his big ass coat on. Jumps in the car and do 200 on the highway with the windows DOWN. ‘Y’all niggas don’t wanna pump gas? Aight.’"

Not too long ago, Karen Civil shared a Jay Z story of her own in which the then-Def Jam boss kicked Cam'ron and The Diplomats off the label because Cam wouldn't move his car. Cam immediately refuted the story, writing on Instagram, "Despite what people think Jay-Z and I were not enemies. He signed off on mad projects we did. When he didn’t have too.. And showed my crew love.. It wasn’t till I Left DefJam (not kicked out) till we fell out."

Either way, it's clear that Jay Z has a petty streak all his own, with the Bleek story adding to the cannon of previously untold stories. Watch him tell it up above.

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