With just over a week before the release of his Championships album, Meek Mill shared a couple of new songs from the forthcoming LP on Wednesday (Nov. 21).

The first track is titled "Uptown Vibes" and features Fabolous and Anuel AA. Produced by Papamitrou, the single has a triumphant feel. Meek takes off on the first verse.

"In the kitchen, whippin' that dope up, you can smell her odour/Pablo pitchin' and we gon' hit it like we Sammy Sosa (Gimme that)," he spits. "Put that Bentley to the limit, you can smell her odour (Skrt)/Ho, Spanish bitches call me Chulo/When I'm pullin' up in that two door."

Loso's flow fits right in as he follows up Meek on the second verse. "Uptown, nigga/I was down, but they see, I'm up now, nigga/Head high 'cause I'm holdin' up my crown, nigga/Never told even through the ups and downs, nigga," he rhymes.

For "Oodles O' Noodles Babies," Meek takes the listener on a ride in his past. The Philly rapper reminisces about the hard times over a soul-sample procured by Dolla Bill Kidz and Kendxll.

"I ain't have nobody to give me no hope/I hope my momma ain't doin' no coke/I used to wish that my daddy was livin'/I had a dream that I seen him as ghost," Meek spits. "I used to act up when I went to school/Thought it was cool, but I really was hurt/Wanted my family to come to my games/My mama couldn't make it 'cause she was at work."

Championships is slated to drop on Nov. 30. The album will also contain a collab with Cardi B.

Listen to "Uptown Vibes" and "Oodles O' Noodles Babies" below.

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