Meek Mill's voice has just been heard publicly for the first time in a long, long while. Three and a half months removed from his controversial prison sentencing for parole violation, the Philadelphia rapper called in to REFORM: Bringing Injustice to Light, an event meant to spotlight the push for reform in the justice system on Tuesday night (March 13).

The discussion was once again pushed into the public consciousness when the circumstances surrounding Meek's arrest—which might include a potentially biased judge and a crooked police officer—came to light. Meek first encountered significant legal issues when he was arrested in 2008, and a parole deal he took for that instance played a direct role in his current prison stretch. Now, Meek himself has offered up some words on the matter.

"I appreciate all the love and all the support from the people from Philadelphia, all over the world," he addressed the audience at the University of Pennsylvania’s Irvine Auditorium last night.

"The people that have been showing support. I think it's about time Pennsylvania had this type of light shined on the system because I'm actually caught up in the system, not just me myself. Me and a bunch of other young men and older men and you know, it's kind of hard to get out of." “I want to be a light for Philadelphia,” Meek added in another part of the call.

Also attending the event were renowned activist Reverend Al Sharpton, famed boxer Bernard Hopkins, current Philadelphia Eagles Pro-Bowler Malcolm Jenkins, former Eagles running back Brian Westbrook, Philadelphia 76ers minority owner Michael Rubin and former XXL Freshman Lil Uzi Vert. Most notably, Meek's mother Kathy Williams was also in attendance at the event, where, according to, she pled for help on her son's behalf.

“I’m begging the DA Krasner,” Williams said tearfully at a press conference just before the reform event. “Can you please help me out?”

Malcolm Jenkins made sure to make known his opinions on Meek's current imprisonment. “[Meek] was sentenced two years for popping a wheelie," he said at the event.
"It's an example of just how ridiculous sometimes our system can be and how we're wasting resources, talent, money and locking people up for things that don't make our communities safe."

Although Jenkins isn't happy with the situation, he's found a silver lining. “The positive thing out of all of this, if there’s any, is that [Meek] has a chance to stand for millions of people that deal with this on a regular basis and as long as he continues to fight it, and in turn, we fight for him, in turn we fight for everybody," he offers.

Hopkins, who posed for a picture with Meek's mother, pointed out the way poverty and an overall lack of support can trap people in the prison cycle.

"I understand everybody is not innocent," he said. "I'd be a fool if I tell you that's everybody out there. But there are those that got caught in the system unfairly because of their lack of support, and lack of communications amongst what's best and what's not for them."

Check out video of Meek speaking at the event below. When you've finished watching, check out photos of the event's special guests showing support for the embattled rapper.

Celebs Attend Criminal Justice Reform Event in Support of Meek Mill

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