A very short time after the apparent squashing of the beef between Ma$e and Cam'ron, the former pastor and Bad Boy superstar is declaring victory in the brief, but epic verbal back and forth. Calling in to Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning, Ma$e puts down the notion that he and Cam are cool now while claiming his scathingly personal Cam diss, "The Oracle," secured him a healthy W in their battle.

"That will be a W for me and an L for him," Ma$e says of his rap battle with Cam. When Peter Rosenberg tells him he won 73 percent of the vote on Hot 97's poll asking who won the battle, Ma$e affirmed his opinion on the outcome. "Landslide."

Elsewhere in the conversation, Ma$e explains that even though he and Cam appeared to be on friendlier terms during an Instagram exchange, their conflict isn't resolved. "Ok, it's just like Drake said, 'Free Meek Mill.' You think he means that?" Ma$e explains to a laughing Rosenberg.

The exchange Rosenberg speaks of appeared to occur on Instagram, and Cam shared it with the world through his own account. "You still my brother if you would like to be...This was just for bragging rights #mase #theoracle," Ma$e wrote in a post. "Yeah, this was fun.. u still my bro too. Glad I get to brag? ‍♂️ lol. So when you leaving Harlem again? 2mr?"

Interestingly, when Cam posted the screenshot, Ma$e left a comment telling him things weren't all good. "We're not cool. I shook his hand cause I won. That's it. As a man, thats what you do after you win unanimously," he wrote.

Check out Ma$e's conversation with Ebro and company in the video below. The bit about his perceived W comes in at about the 12:05-mark. Peep Ma$e's Instagram comment directed at Cam beneath that.

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