The feud between Ma$e and Cam'ron has been brewing for the past two decades, and now that they've put their feelings into recently released diss tracks, it may be difficult for them to completely patch things up.

Ma$e stops by to visit Angie Martinez at Power 105.1 this week, where he addresses his beef with the Diplomats member and  "The Oracle," the diss track that has the hip-hop community buzzing. While many veteran fans were shocked that the former Bad Boy signee would diss Cam in 2017, rather than during their feud's peak years ago, Ma$e claims that he had enough of the jabs coming his way.

He tells Angie that despite being known as a pastor, he had to fight back because it wasn't "going to stop unless you say something." Ma$e even tells Angie that the purpose of the song was to send a message to Cam to "grow up" from their previous issues.

“The spirit of the song is whatever happened when we were 19, grow up. Anybody should understand that," he explains. "Whatever we went through at 19, 20 or even 21, grow up.” Ma$e said before adding that he only participated in the beef because he had to. “You knew eventually I was going to come out the house. You knew that. So why keep going there? That's what he wanted. He got what he wanted.“

Angie then asks the Harlem World rapper how the beef should end, to which Ma$e keeps things on a heavier note, implying that it would be a bad move for Cam to keep it going.

"I told you how it ends," he continues. "If it doesn't stop it’s gon’ end bad for him.”

As far as the two continuing to go back and forth in music, Ma$e claims that the two probably won't address each other anymore, as they both said everything they needed to say.

“Really I ain't have nothing else to say," he says. "I said what I needed to say. He went on the radio and said what he needed to say. I go on the radio and say what I have to say. It could stop there or it don’t have to.”

Catch Ma$e's comments about his beef with Cam at the 3-minute mark in the video below.

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