Atlanta rapper Madeintyo is back with a brand new EP called Thank You, Mr. Tokyo that he just dropped on SoundCloud. You can hear it above, produced entirely by his trusty companion behind the boards K Swisha, minus a couple contributions b the highly talented Richie Souf.

The kid made a splash with "Uber Everywhere" last year, carrying his momentum in 2016 and getting the record national airplay. Just today, he re-released his You Are Forgiven EP for official retail. You can spin it on Apple Music right here.

Not only does his new Thank You, Mr. Tokyo EP feed fans with new material, but it also helps clarify how his name is pronounced ("Made in Tokyo") in case anyone was still confused.

In our interview with Madeintyo earlier this year, he talked about how his popularity has soared and why he's sticking to his sound. “It’s nothing to take too serious,” he says. “It’s everything to feel good. In 10 seconds if you’re not moving around, it’s not a Tyo record.”

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