Mack Maine has responded to Gillie Da Kid’s claim that Lil Wayne was scared when he saw Gillie at Jackson State University.

On the It's Tricky Podcast with Raquel Harper, Gillie was explaining his past drama with Lil Wayne and Cash Money Records, a label he was once signed to in the early 2000s. Weezy and Gillie have traded diss tracks at each other, with the latter claiming he ghostwrote most of the songs on Wayne’s 2004 album Tha Carter.

While there may have been tension between them nearly 20 years later, Gillie said he saw Tunechi recently at a Jackson State University event and claimed Wayne was shook and fled the scene.

"Yeah, but no,” the veteran rapper-turned-podcaster explained to Harper about his interaction with Wayne. “He looked up [and] I was in the doorway [he showed that Wayne offered his hand for a handshake], and [he] got the fuck out of there. Real talk."

Mack Maine, who was also at the JSU event, caught wind of Gillie’s comments and called it cap. The Young Money Records president jumped on his Instagram page on Friday (May 13) and shared a video of the encounter. In the clip, it looks like Weezy and Gillie exchanged a pleasant handshake, but it doesn’t appear that Tunechi was scared.

"[B]oy boy boy this Hollywood sh*t crazy!! Please watch both videos," Mack wrote in the caption with several tears of joy emojis to represent his laughter. "And say say @rocktopics ya know I luv ya but please keep us out them type convos you’ll probably never get the truth. I know the name of ya show is 'It’s Tricky' but don’t let em trick ya!"

Mack also suggested that Gillie was lying about ghostwriting for Wayne on Tha Carter.

"And if ya wrote the Carter 1 who wrote the Carter 2 and 3 and 4 and 5," he typed, adding more tears of joy emojis and blue caps to represent capping (or "lying"). He also added the hashtag, #BojangleNewEraAssNikka.

Gillie did express that he would love to interview Mack Maine on his popular Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast. Let’s hope this happens so the two men can settle their differences.

Check out Gillie Da Kid’s interview with It’s Tricky podcast below. Fast-forward to the 13:31-mark to watch Gillie explain his past drama with Lil Wayne and Cash Money Records.

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