President Donald Trump's last full day as the leader of the free world is today (Jan. 19), which happens to be the 29th birthday of the late Mac Miller, who would likely be celebrating extra hard if he were still here.

Back in 2016, Mac, who once dropped a song called "Donald Trump," used his Twitter account to tell fans not to elect Trump in the first place during the President's election campaign. At the time, he seemingly realized that the 2011 song could be construed as him being a Trump supporter, so he made sure fans knew that wasn't the case.

Before he died of an accidental drug overdose in 2018, Mac took aim at the 45th President of the United States on Comedy Central's The Nightly Show Larry Wilmore.

"I fucking hate you, Donald Trump," he said at the time. "So you wanted to sue me. But then you realized you can't sue somebody just for being super talented and incredibly good-looking."

As the rapper continued, he accused Trump of being racist and suggested his "Make America Great Again" slogan catered to White supremacy.

"You say you want to 'make America great again', but we all know that really means, ban Muslims, Mexicans are rapists, Black lives don't matter," Mac said. "Make America great again, I think you want to make America White again."

In 2012, Trump tried taking credit for the success of Mac Miller's song "Donald Trump" and asked the rapper for royalties. In January of 2013, the Pittsburgh native dissed Trump in response. That same year, Trump reportedly attempted to sue Mac for the song named after him. Trump had previously called Mac the next Eminem.

While it's been reported that Trump might be pardoning Lil Wayne and possibly Kodak Black for federal crimes, it doesn't seem likely that the rap world will remember the president fondly. It seems like most artists felt the same way as Mac Miller.

Tomorrow, Trump's one-term presidency will come to an end as President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris are sworn into office.

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