Donald Trump: established businessman, presidential hopeful ... aspiring rapper? On June 8, Rostrum Records posted a YouTube video of Trump "rapping" every word to Mac Miller's 2011 hit record, "Donald Trump." Somebody at Rostrum deserves a raise for splicing together all of these clips to create the hilarious clip, which you can view above.

The Pittsburgh-based record label knows what it's doing, promotion-wise. "Donald Trump" is the most popular track on Miller's mixtape Best Day Ever, which was recently re-released as an album on vinyl, CD and all commercial download and streaming services.

It's well-documented that Trump and Mac don't get along. When the 24-year-old emcee first released the song, Trump demanded royalties and called Miller "an ungrateful dog." Five years later, in the midst of his presidential campaign, Trump decided to play the song for reporters during an interview with Washington, D.C. website The Hill. According to The Hill, after playing the track, Trump told the reporter, "Great song, by the way."

It's interesting that Trump is apparently now taking a liking to the Sap-produced record. And Mac has taken notice. On The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore, the rapper called Trump a "clown," a "bitch" and a "racist fuckwad of a human."

Trump has popped up in other hip-hop related news over the past few months. From Tyler The Creator releasing these Adolf Trump t-shirts, YG and Nipsey Hussle dropping fire with "FDT," and three local Baltimore rappers going viral with a Trump diss, the New York mogul has certainly been under fire from a lot of the industry.

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