People often tend to think Chicago rappers either rap like Chief Keef or rap like Chance The Rapper, when in reality, the city's rap scene is as diverse as any other region's right now. Lud Foe is a prime example of a rapper who doesn't really fit into any one category; he just rhymes his ass off. After breaking out with songs like "Cuttin Up" and "187" in the past couple years, his career is starting to gain some real traction.

Tonight (Oct. 18), he drops a track called "New" off his upcoming album No Hooks 2. Peep the track, by Kid Wond3r, below.

In addition, XXL has an exclusive first look at the tracklist for No Hooks 2, dropping next Friday, Oct. 27. The 21-track LP is produced almost entirely by Kid Wond3r, with DY808 and Just Spvnk producing a few records as well.

Back in March, the 20-year-old lyricist was involved in a nearly fatal car accident that left him hospitalized. Not long after, he released his #GetWellFoe tape.

Listen to "New" below and check out the No Hooks 2 tracklist as well.

Lud Foe's No Hooks 2 Tracklist

1. "Water" (prod. by Just Spvnk)
2. "Suffer" (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
3. "Big Tymerz" (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
4. "Boss" (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
5. "Could've Bought" (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
6. "Ewww" Feat. Cago Leek (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
7. "Fallin Out" (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
8. "I Hang" (prod. by DY808)
9. "New" (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
10. "Poof" (prod. by Just Spvnk)
11. "Look Up To" Feat. Stewie (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
12. "Side" (prod. by Just Spvnk)
13. "Recuperate" (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
14. "Regular" (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
15. "To the Money" (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
16. "Real Big" (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
17. "Using It" (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
18. "Alphabet" (prod. by DY808)
19. "Where My Scale" (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
20." Wired" (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
21. "Duffle" (prod. by Kid Wond3r)

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