Chicago rapper Lud Foe's single "Cuttin Up" has been blowing up. The video for the original song already racked up well over four million views. Getting Lil Durk on the remix only helped give it more attention. Now, Lud Foe looks to match OG version's success with a music video for the remix.

The visual switches in and out of a black and white style as Lud Foe and Lil Durk take over the block. The two rappers are surrounded by children as they each deliver their potent rhymes.

"I'm higher then the stars, coolin with the stars/I can tell she ain't never been in a foreign car/She can tell I get money and buy the whole bar/Last night I could've sworn I smoked the whole jar/F and N, choppa bullets they go very far/I fuck that bitch and her friend like Hugh Hefner/And bitch, I live the life of a hard knock/Have a shoot out with the feds, I might kill a cop/Put this red beam on yo head like a polka dot/And if a nigga fuck with my bread, watch a body drop/Niggas in the house cause they scared, we pop out a lot/We pull up with glocks, macs, 90's, got rugers with mops," Lud Foe raps on the final verse.

The "Cuttin Up" remix will presumably appear on one of Lud Foe's upcoming mixtapes, Bootchie Gang: Vol. 1 and No Hook. And speaking of new projects, Lil Durk's Lil Durk 2x is scheduled to drop next Friday (June 24).

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