Chicago stand up! Chi-town spittas Lud Foe and Lil Durk link up for a new street anthem, "Behind Us." The song, Lud Foe's newest single, is produced by frequent collaborator Kid Wonder.

"Behind Us" finds both rappers rhyming (with the help of Auto-Tune) about having a whole bunch of money and weaponry in their arsenal if anyone wants to start beef.

"She said she in love with me but I don't trust her/In the stu' I be spittin' rhymes, Busta/This nigga say he want beef, was like hol' up/And he say in the streets but he really in the skreets/If you lookin' for the gang, you know where to find us/It's a whole bunch of money and guns behind us," raps Lud Foe.

The two young upstarts are some of the hottest rappers in Chicago right now. Foe, in particular, has had a roller coaster year. He was involved in a serious car accident in March when he got into a collision with semi-trailer truck. Later that month, he shared his latest mixtape, #GetWellFoe. The project features nine songs with no guest appearances. Let's hope Lud Foe gets well soon.

Bump "Behind Us" below.

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