After a season full of fights, shade, arguments and infidelity, the first part of the season 7 Love & Hip Hop: New York reunion took place last night (Feb. 20), and the stars of the show had some things to get off their chests.

When asked about why she thought Swift's girlfriend Asia had issues with her, Cardi B says she feels Asia is insecure. Cardi wants her name to be kept out of Asia's mouth, regardless of how she felt about the nature of Cardi and Swift's working relationship. When asked why she pushed for Cardi to consider dating Swift, Cardi's sister Hennessy says that she feels that Swift is a great guy and that he treats her, Cardi and their family with respect.

But when the topic turns to Asia, Swift says he hasn't seen Asia since her run-in with Cardi B. Asia, who is also in attendance, comes out onstage to tell her side of the story. When the host asks why Asia was talking down on Cardi, the rapper intervenes and attacks Asia with an object, prompting security to intervene. Cardi presses for an explanation of the root of Asia's disdain for her, but fails to receive one, causing her to chalk it up to Asia being judgmental of her due to her past as a stripper. Swift says that he and Asia aren't together and that while he and Cardi remain business partners, he is sorry for putting Asia in an embarrassing position. Asia says that she no longer has any feelings for Swift, leading Cardi to flirt with Swift to further spite her.

The next group to air their grievances was the Creep Squad, who were engulfed in turmoil throughout the whole season. Cisco says that his issues with Rich Dollaz run deep, accusing him of cutting him out of a deal to profit off of the Creep Squad's clothing line. As the argument continues, cast member Mariahlynn chimes in on Cisco's behalf, leading the host, Nina Parker, to inquire about Mariah's own problems with Rich.

The New Jersey native says she's upset at Rich Dollaz for speaking ill of her and her music and feels he's holding a grudge against Cisco. Rich fires back with insults of his own. Peter Gunz gives his take on the situation, suggesting that Mariahlynn extricate herself from having Cisco and DJ Self Cisco apologizes for stopping the booking that Peter had in North Carolina and gifts him with the $10,000 he would have made, effectively resolving any issues between the two.

When J. Adrienne is asked about her decision to leave her son back in Chicago and move to New York, she clarifies that she chose to leave him with his father to be around a male figure, but is adamant about her son being a huge part of her life and her motivation. J. Adrienne also explains her displeasure with what she deemed as inappropriate behavior on the part of Snoop, particularly her association with Sofi Green. Snoop reiterates that J. Adrienne blew things out of proportion and was too insecure and irrational during their relationship. When asked if she wants to be with J. Adrienne, Snoop says she doesn't see the two ever being romantically involved, but will always be there for her emotionally and as a friend.

One of the most heart-wrenching plots during this season of Love & Hip Hop: New York was Remy Ma and Papoose's loss of their unborn child due to complications during her pregnancy. Remy says that although she is coping with her miscarriage, she feels cheated out of being able to bond with her baby. Although the ordeal has taken a toll on him, Papoose is more concerned with Remy's welfare and keeping her spirits up. When asked about the details of her pregnancy issues, Remy assures that there's nothing wrong with her uterus, but that due to previous complications, she needs a special procedure done to have a successful pregnancy. Papoose makes an open plea to any doctors watching the show who may have information for them or are able to assist them in any way. He maintains that the two of them and their family will stand strong and as a unit regardless of the outcome.

One of the more epic beefs of the past season of Love & Hip Hop: New York was the longstanding war between Yandy and Samantha and Erika, the mothers of Mendeecees' children. When asked about the timeline of her and Mendeecees' relationships, Yandy says that she isn't concerned with anyone that came before her and that the host would have to ask Mendeecees about his dealings with Samantha and Erika. But when asked about her history with Mendeecees, Samantha claims that her relationship with Mendeecees dates back 13 years and that Yandy knew about her being in a relationship with Mendeecees when they first got together. She then says that Mendeecees cheated on her with Erika. However, Judy begins to claim that Mendeecees cheated on both of the women and they both knew about it, which prompts Kim to attempt to attack Judy before being restrained.

Things get a bit clearer when Nina Parker announces that she's got Mendeecees on the phone to clear the air about what went down between the three women involved and when. Mendeecees says he and Samantha were only friends and that they were only involved for seven years and that her timeline is off. He also admits to cheating on Samantha with Erika and he says that he never said that he loved her or vice versa. According to him, their relationship was never official and he eventually ended his fling with her. The incarcerated cast member then backs up Yandy's claim that while he was on a break from their relationship, he had sex with Erika unprotected for the first time and that's how she ended up becoming pregnant with his child.

Yandy, who is clearly vindicated, coyly enjoys her victory, but when Kimbella begins to pop off along with Yandy, Erika makes a comment about Kimbella going back to the Florida brothel she came from, prompting the two to nearly come to blows before security gets in the middle of the squirmish. The two are then separated, but drama continues to ensue, with Yandy questioning the extent of Samantha's mother Kim's health issues, flaring tempers even more. Things come to a head between the parties and a brawl erupts between the women before the first part of the reunion abruptly ends. Stay tuned for the final reunion episode next week.

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