In this latest episode of Love & Hip Hop: New York, Cardi B is enjoying her trip to Mexico with Mariahlynn and company, but has become concerned with her sister Hennessy's lack of action and work ethic, which is keeping her from reaching her full potential. Hennessy says that she has plans to launch a fashion line, but Cardi B insists that her sister be more proactive.

Juju is still reeling from her argument with Yandy regarding her forthcoming book and has refused to speak with her. However, Yandy shows up at her hotel room to press the issue and plead her case. Yandy says that she didn't mean to offend Juju and that she was just asking an honest question. From Juju's point of view, she was more angry with Yandy questioning her character, if anything.

Rich Dollaz is working on creating a Creep Squad inspired clothing line, but his daughter Ashley doesn't think building around the brand is a good idea. While Rich pleads his case and says that he's not a creep, Ashley has plans of her own and has set up a blind date in hopes of finding her father a wholesome woman that she approves of. Although Rich is a little reluctant, he gives in to his daughter's wishes and agrees to take her up on her offer.

Samantha, Erika and Kim meet up to discuss their issues with Yandy and to vent about their frustrations, including the fact that Samantha has taken issue with Yandy going to Mexico instead of helping her plan her sons birthday party.

Kimbella has returned from Mexico and Juelz Santana is glad to have the mother of his children home and takes the time out to show his appreciation for her due to him realizing how hard it is running a household.

Remy Ma is still coping with her miscarriage and has attempted to put it behind her. She decides to pay her mentor and musical partner Fat Joe a visit. While Fat Joe is focused on business, Remy says that she wants to talk to him about some personal issues. When Remy reveals she wants to take a break from music after releasing her solo album to have a baby, Joe gives her his full support, which comes as a pleasant surprise and helps alleviate some of her stress regarding the matter.

Samantha meets up with Yandy to extend an invitation to her son's birthday problem, but the exchange quickly goes left. Yandy says that she feels a way about her children not being able to wish Yandy's son a happy birthday on his actual birthday and that she attempted to contact her, which Samantha says is a lie. Samantha also says that she feels that Yandy's disdain for Erika is what is holding all of the mothers back from moving forward. Yandy claims she has no personal vendetta against either and that her focus is on bringing the children together, a claim which Samantha takes with a grain of salt. The two fail to meet on common ground and Yandy decides to leave the meeting abruptly, officially ending all hopes of the two women coming together on one accord.

Rich Dollaz has arrived on his blind date only to find his daughter's mother Miracle sitting at the table. Both realize that their daughter pulled a fast one on them in an attempt for them to rekindle the flame. However, they're both open to possibly exploring a relationship. The two chat and make small talk and it's clear that the chemistry between them is still evident, making a reconciliation between the two a strong possibility.

Peter Gunz visits Amina to iron out his issues with her and to get closure due to his desire to repair his relationship with Tara. Although Amina says she appreciated Peter being by her side throughout her pregnancy, she decided to move to L.A. to clear her head and feels a way about Peter not fighting for her to stay. She would consider coming back to Peter, but feels he doesn't want her. According to Peter, he cares for Amina, but would prefer to get a divorce and make their separation a permanent one. Amina is clearly hurt by Peter's decision, but agrees to sign any divorce papers she wants.

Amina's last night in New York City has arrived and she's ready to go back to L.A., but Peter begins to have second thoughts about her leaving. He wants Amina to consider moving back to New York permanently so they can raise their children together. But Amina feels that her and Peter cannot be close without crossing the line and that she plans to move forward with her life. Peter says that no matter where she is that he hopes that they can move forward amicably and remain friends, but just when things appear to be settled, they are joined by Tara and Peter's other set of children. Tara maintains that although her and Peter are building their relationship, she doesn't see anything other than a friendship between the two. Both women manage to come together and let bygones be bygones and to focus on what's best for their children, effectively ending their cold, bitter war with a warm embrace.

Little Mendeecees' 11th birthday party comes, but Yandy and her children are nowhere to be found. Kimbella decides to show up herself and gets into a heated argument at the door. Although Yandy didn't ask her to show up on her behalf, the situation quickly escalates as Kim, Samantha's mother, takes issue with Kimbella showing up in such an aggressive manner and attempts to get into an altercation with her. The moment could have future ramifications down the line as this season of Love & Hip Hop: New York continues to get more testy.

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