The last installment of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta ended on a tense note, as Kirk crashed Rasheeda and her mother Shirine's cabin getaway in an attempt to make peace with his wife and make forward progress into becoming a family again. Kirk doesn't understand why Shirlene keeps stepping into the middle of his and Rasheeda's marital problems. He feels like she's trying to break up their family, resulting in the two continuing to bicker.

Shirline continues to stand up for her daughter, while Rasheeda helplessly watches from the sidelines. Kirk also makes it a point to confront the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta cameras and chastise them for showing the lowlights of his marriage and playing a part in the deterioration of his relationship with his wife. This makes for a highly emotional moment on the part of the usually even-keeled father and husband.

Momma Dee and Deb Antney attempt to help Tommie and her mother, Samantha, work through their own issues by putting together an intervention to step in and calm the tension between the two. Deb, who is also aware of Momma Dee's own issues with her husband Ernest, has gifted her with some sex toys in an attempt to help spice up their relationship. In a tension-filled episode, this makes for one of the lighter moments.

Deb's daughter-in-law Tammy Rivera, who has also been invited to the surprise meeting, brings along Tommie, who is none the wiser of what's about to go down. Tommie doesn't know she's about to step in to a meeting with her mother. Before she walks into the room, Tammy and Tommie discusse her and Jessica Dime's inability to get along, chalking it up to what she perceives as jealousy on the part of Jessica. Tammy urges her to move forward and focus on the day ahead of her.

Tommie, who notices her mother's presence from the moment she steps inside the door, is instantly opposed to the meeting. Tammy is also surprised to see her own mom present, but both decide to hear all of the parties out. Tammy's mother admits her own faults as a parent. Samantha says that she's trying to be the best mother that she can be. She doesn't realize why her and Tommie haven't hugged in years and been able to come closer as a family.

When Tommie says that Samantha was gone during her childhood, Samantha shoots back by listing all of the material things she gave to her, not realizing that Tommie was in need of love and attention instead. Her words continues to annoy Tommie, who storms out in disgust as the two fail to see eye-to-eye. Deb says that Samantha shouldn't have clapped back at Tommie; she would've been better off making the attempt to hear her daughter out instead.

Samantha says that she's unable to hear Tommie accuse her of being a bad mother and not respond in her own defense. Her failure to remain sober during the exchange further contributes to the intervention going downhill. Deb also shares her testimonial about not having her own kids in her life and that Samantha should not take being able to mend the relationship with her own child for granted. This brings things into perspective for all of the women present, and gives Samantha a glimmer of hope that her and Tommie's relationship can be repaired.

Stevie J is reeling from the ordeal between Joseline and his daughter. He meets with Joseline to patch things up but she defends herself, saying that she tried to be the bigger person. She also threatens to take Bonnie Bella and move to Miami. Hearing this, Stevie decides that he's had enough with her ultimatums and has some plans of his own to teach the mother of his child a lesson.

Treasure is back from Jamaica and has stopped by Lovely Mimi's beauty shop to catch up on things. She's brought along Moriah, who has a strained relationship with Lovely Mimi—she spilled the beans on Moriah's relationship with her former boss, Ciara's husband, Shooter. Moriah's presence is much to Lovely Mimi's disdain and leads her to give her comments on Moriah and Treasure's lifestyle. This leads to Lovely Mimi and Moriah getting into a big argument and nearly come to blows, but security is able to intervene and separate the two before they get a hold of each other. Of course this ends the meeting on a sour note.

Back from the cabin trip, Rasheeda and Shirline discuss the fiasco that occurred between Kirk and Shirline, as well as what the separation papers Kirk served Rasheeda with actually mean. Rasheeda and company note that they've never seen Kirk as angry as he was during the whole ordeal. Shirline also explains that she wasn't attempting to break up the family and was only concerned over the terms of the separation and what it meant for her daughter. When Rasheeda shares that Kirk has signed everything in their possession over to her, it becomes clear that Kirk's intentions are truly in his wife's best interest.

Rasheeda also receives a letter from Jasmine apologizing for her actions. She extends an olive branch to Rasheeda so the two can make peace. She also explains that she only went public with the possibility of Kirk being the father because she was flustered and admits to it being an ill-advised decision. The letter also arrives with the results from Logan's DNA test, which says it's been determined that he's not the father of Jasmine's child. This means Kirk is the only possible candidate to be the father of the child, according to what Jasmine's disclosed thus far.

Tommie has begun to give her relationship with her mother some thought and decides to go to therapy with her. She hopes to work on repairing their relationship and says that she wants Samantha to own up to her own past actions and not being there as a mother. As the conversation continues, Samantha walks out and is unable to face the music yet again, leading the therapist to console Samantha and urge her to make peace with her daughter. Samantha responds by breaking down in front of Tommie and pleading forgiveness for her actions. The gesture comes as a pleasant surprise to Tommie, who says that this could be a fresh start in her relationship with her mother, and has the makings of the first page in a new chapter for the pair. The two share their first heartwarming moment of the season as mother and daughter.

Stevie J has requested that his daughters be present for a celebration he has arranged to make a big announcement that is sure to ruffle Joseline's feathers. He plans to launch Danger Zone Latina, with Estelita as the flagship artist. The move amuses his daughters, who are at odds with the Puerto Rican Princess as well. Dubbing Estelita as the First Lady of Danger Zone Latina, Stevie has turned the tables on the Puerto Rican Princess yet again, and sets the stage for an epic custody battle and war of words between the two. As usual, this episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta ends on a negative note. Stay tuned for what goes down during this season's reunion episode.

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