After a taking a week off between episodes, the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast has returned and picked up at Karlie Redd’s store grand opening, and the lady of the hour has a trick up her sleeve. Karlie has invited Ceaser, a cast member from Black Ink, who she announces as her new boyfriend, which takes Yung Joc by surprise being that Karlie insisted that he be in attendance at her event. However, the rapper ultimately realizes it was a ploy to embarrass him.

Karlie, who has just made amends with Joseline, takes note of Melissa having invited Estelita, Stevie J’s new artist, and feels that her presence could create conflict between the two. This prompts Karlie to inform Melissa of her displeasure while giving her the cold shoulder, a sign that there could be beef brewing between the two.

Rasheeda declined Karlie’s invitation to her grand opening due to the drama in her own life and her unwillingness to be around any negative energy during this tumultuous time dealing with Kirk's infidelity. While Rasheeda’s working at her shop, a guy named Logan comes in and introduces himself as Jasmine’s ex-boyfriend—Jasmine is the mother of the baby Kirk apparently fathered.

Logan tells Rasheeda he could possibly be the father of Jasmine’s child and wants to find out the truth of the matter. Jasmine allegedly told him that she was pregnant with his child, but informed him she got an abortion due to being jealous Logan was in a relationship with another woman. Logan also says that Jasmine named the child Cannon after his own father, another sign that lets Rasheeda know that there’s some truth to what he’s saying, but she still takes the information with a grain of salt. When Logan says he’s willing to take a DNA test to get to the bottom of the situation and determine if he is the father, Rasheeda sees it as an alternate way to find out if Kirk is actually the father or not.

Mimi Faust and Karlie Redd have arrived in Jamaica a day early and intends to clear the air between Melissa and Mimi, and the two spend the day sightseeing and enjoying the scenery. Back in Atlanta, Tammy Rivera is packing to join the girls while having a conversation with Waka Flocka. The rapper is happy that he’s back at home, but remains on "probation" by Tammy. He's been sleeping on the couch while rebuilding her trust. However, he's become concerned about Tammy’s frequent late nights out. When Tammy reveals that producer Rico Love helped work with her on a EP, the news is a relief being that Waka and Rico Love are friends.

However, Waka wants to also be involved in her career and appears to be in full support of her new endeavor. When he offers to put on a showcase for Tammy to introduce her to the music world, she says she’s not ready, but is open to planning a listening party after she returns from Jamaica on her girls trip.

After meeting Logan and becoming privy to the new information, Rasheeda sits down with her friend Kandi Burress to discuss the situation and get advice. When Kandi asks why Rasheeda won’t talk to Jasmine and continues to allow to keep the situation ongoing, Rasheeda says she has no desire to meet with Jasmine and refuses to force Kirk to man up and take the paternity test.

Kandi also inquires what Rasheeda will do if the child is indeed Kirk’s, but Rasheeda doesn’t have a concrete answer to that question. When Rasheeda mentions the trip to Jamaica and her trepidation about going, Kandi insists that she not let Kirk’s discretion distract her from living and enjoying her own life.

Karlie Redd invited Mimi Faust to Jamaica early on, under the guise of having a private dinner, but instead has plenty of tea to spill, including her introduction to Estelita, which Mimi finds amusing being that she could be a possible replacement for Joseline. When Karlie mentions burying the hatch in regards to her beef with Joseline, Mimi feels that Karlie is making a mistake by trusting Joseline. The dinner takes an unexpected turn when Melissa, who has arrived in Jamaica, pops up out of the woodwork, a surprise to Mimi, who was expecting Rasheeda instead.

Although Karlie’s intention is for the two to address their issues with one another, Mimi is adamant about not being affiliated with Melissa if she’s at all involved with Joseline. Although Melissa pleads her case, it’s clear that Mimi has made her decision final.

Meanwhile, Yung Joc, Waka Flocka, Kirk and Shawne Williams meet up to play a game of pick-up basketball, but the two also take the time to inform each other of the happenings in their lives, including Yung Joc’s run-in with Ceaser and Karlie, and Kirk’s own paternity issue. When Waka Flocka mentions that the girls are all going to Jamaica for a getaway, Yung Joc has the idea to crash the party and meet the ladies in Jamaica, a move Kirk is apprehensive about, but ultimately agrees to.

In Jamaica, the ladies catch up with each other on the beach and have a session of girl talk, with all of the women freeing their minds and confiding in each other about the state of their love lives. But when Jessica Dime, who has had issues with Tammy Rivera in the past via social media, arrives to the beach, tensions rise as the two confront each other.

Each of them plead their case from their perspective and apologize. Now they're able to move forward and put their drama in the past. When Melissa asks Mimi why it’s cool that the other girls are friends with Joseline and not for her, it opens the door for the two to have dialogue about where their relationship and friendship went wrong. Mimi admits that Melissa telling Ariane about their relationship rubbed her the wrong way, but when Melissa apologizes for her actions, Mimi accepts. The move proves Mimi is slow to fully let go of the issue, although she feels Melissa’s words were sincere.

Due to Kandi’s pep talk, Rasheeda decides to take the trip to Jamaica and has a few things to get off her chest, most notably her exchange with Logan and the revelation that he could also be the father of Jasmine’s child.

Later, as the ladies are enjoying a spicy night out on the town, they are surprised by Yung Joc’s presence, as he has arrived in Jamaica with Treasure, his intern on his radio show, accompanying him. The move catches all of the women in attendance off guard and could spell future drama down the line on the next episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

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