A relaxing trip to Jamaica is turning into more than anyone bargained for on the new episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Last week, things ended with a surprise visit from Yung Joc, who showed up in Jamaica with Treasure in an attempt to make Karlie Redd jealous as payback for blindsiding him with Ceasar. Treasure's presence immediately gives the other women cause to pause, giving their past interactions with her and question her character and reputation as a homewrecker, but the women give her the benefit of the doubt for a second.

While Yung Joc's main intention was to make Karlie Redd jealous, he has also arrived with backup in the form of Waka Flocka and Kirk Frost—both pop up in an attempt to win back the hearts of their women. Waka Flocka, who told his wife, Tammy Rivera, that he had a performance booked during the time she'd be in Jamaica, gives an impromptu live set at the same venue Joc and the women are at, a gesture that impresses Tammy and makes her put her guard down and open up to him more. Kirk, on the other hand, has less luck than Waka, as Rasheeda immediately leaves the premises and refuses to speak to her husband, putting a wrench in Kirk's plan to redeem himself.

However, the following day, Rasheeda decides to hear Kirk out and the two take a stroll around the resort and talk in an attempt to reach common ground and figure out how the two will move forward. Rasheeda informs Kirk about Logan showing up to Pressed and claiming that he may be the father of Jasmine's son, Cannon. While Jasmine has claimed Cannon is Kirk's baby, this news that Logan says he's the father comes as a relief to Kirk, as he feels it backs up his stance that Jasmine and Rod are scammers and that he's not the father of the child. Kirk also shares the news that he's decided to take the DNA test, but only through a lawyer in order to protect himself. Rasheeda feels this news is convenient given the emergence of Logan, but takes a wait-and-see approach.

Jasmine has decided to go back to her career as a stripper in order to support herself, but is surprised by Logan, who shows up to her club demanding to speak with her regarding Cannon. However, she ignores him and attempts to go to her car. As Logan continues to confront her, Jasmine begins to become hostile, pegging him a stalker and calling security to intervene as things get heated. Logan fails to get any of the answers that he came for, but his presence will not be a secret any longer.

Back in Jamaica, all of the couples are hanging together and enjoying the scenery, and Kirk is slowly, but surely ingratiating himself to all parties. Although they share their sentiments regarding his infidelity and the affect it's had on Rasheeda, the crew decide to accept him with open arms. Treasure, who is also present, does not get the same treatment, as she crosses a boundary by bringing up gossip about Kirk and Rasheeda's relationship, which causes things to take a turn for the worse.

With Rasheeda visibly upset by Treasure's gall, Jessica Dime has decided that enough is enough, and viciously attacks Treasure before being pulled away by security. Yung Joc, who is caught off guard by the whole situation, makes sure Treasure gets back to the hotel in one piece. His plan for revenge has blown up in his face, much to the satisfaction of Karlie. When Joc shows up to Treasure's hotel room after things have simmered down to check on her, the two get into a disagreement about how she handled the interaction and her failure to stay in her place, leading to the two to break ties. Treasure decides to leave Jamaica, which could possibly be the end of her time on the show.

Jasmine tells Rod about Logan showing up to her job and his claims that he may be the father of her child, which she denies. Rod asks Jasmine if there's any chance that Logan could be the father of Cannon, but Jasmine insists that she hasn't had relations with him in years and that Kirk is their target.

Joseline is basking in life as a mother to Bonnie Bella and is beginning to have second thoughts about moving to Miami and splitting up her family. In an attempt to clear her mind as she mulls over the decision, she sits down with Lovely Mimi to get her thoughts on the matter, as well as the recent developments in both of their lives. But things get rocky when Lovely Mimi makes an attempt to broker peace between Tommie and Joseline, with Joseline immediately going cold on her, especially once Mimi inquires about the restraining order she allegedly filed against Tommie. Cutting the conversation short, Joseline warns Lovely Mimi to stay in her lane and that she should tread lightly as a new ATL resident before she finds herself in the middle of drama.

In an effort to get the vibes peaceful once again, Karlie Redd organizes a boat ride for the crew to enjoy, and Jessica Dime gets a surprise in the form of her boo, Shawne Williams, who pops up unexpectedly while they're sailing on the boat. This puts Dime, who was feeling a little lonely, in a better mood and all parties go back to enjoying each other's company.

Later on in the night, Waka Flocka, who continues to make amends with Tammy, sets up a private listening for their friends to hear her new music, a gesture that continues to melt any of the coldness in her heart towards her husband. Another surprise occurs when Shawne Williams proposes to Jessica Dime. The two embrace and share an emotional moment with each other, as all of the couples celebrate their engagement.

As the goodwill continues to spread, Yung Joc finally apologizes to Karlie Redd for all of his misdeeds, and the two end the bad blood between the both of them, and everybody in attendance share relief that the two love birds were able to come to an understanding. This ends the trip to Jamaica, as well as this episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, on a high note.

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