The latest episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta begins with the aftermath of Karlie Redd’s meeting with Joseline, where the two were at odds, causing Karlie to storm out in anger, but when Jessica Dime intervenes and calms Karlie down, the latter decides to come back in the room and hear Joseline out. Joseline explains that all she wants Karlie to do is to keep her name out of her mouth and stop airing other people’s dirty laundry. Karlie agrees to stay out of Joseline’s cross-hairs and the two make up and embrace in a hug, a sign that their war is over.

After Rasheeda’s mother, Shirlene, showed up to Scrappy’s Bachelor Bash and publicly confronted Stevie J and Scrappy in an attempt to get them to persuade Kirk into coming forward and taking the DNA test, Stevie J decides to pay Kirk a visit. Stevie says that Kirk should take the DNA test to clear his name, but Kirk maintains that he wants to handle things in his own time and in his own way, and shows no urgency regarding resolving the matter.

Tammy Rivera and Rasheeda have been invited out to a lunch by Estelita, and they decide to attend. When Estelita says that she’s the only artist on Stevie J's label, Mimi mentions that Joseline may also be signed to the label, news that is a surprise to Estelita. She discloses that she did run into Joseline while at Stevie’s crib, but has not seen her since and is not too familiar with her from a personal standpoint.

The conversation takes a swift turn when Tammy reveals that Melissa insinuated that her and Mimi had sex with each other, a charge which Mimi admits to, but downplays it as more of a fling than anything else. Although she maintains that her and Melissa’s friendship was flourishing at one point, Mimi says that her discovery of Melissa and Joseline’s friendship caused her to step away from being with Melissa, concluding that her affiliation with Joseline is a bad reflection on her. Tammy also invites the ladies on a trip to Jamaica, and invites Estelita to join in on the fun, as a sign of solidarity. The ladies urge Estelita to reach out to them if she's ever in need of support.

Jessica Dime may have been busy tending to her friends beefs and relationship issues during this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, but she has been having a little romance of her own with her new love interest, Shawne, a former NBA player from her hometown of Memphis. Jessica and Shawne have known each other for years and always had a mutual attraction, but his career and her own endeavors prevented them from building anything serious. However, Jessica seems open to taking her relationship with Shawne to the next level.

Although her and Shawne have decided to take things slow with each other, Jessica Dime's attraction and infatuation with Shawne is evident, and she makes little effort in hiding it. Although she's been invited to go on the trip to Jamaica with Tammy and company, Jessica is hesitant to go on the trip due to the friction between herself and Tammy that has yet to be resolved. Shawne, who is a friend of Waka Flocka Flame and Tammy, attempts to convince his girl to settle her beef with Tammy so that the two couples can coexist without any bad blood or drama getting in the way, a suggestion which she says she will keep in mind.

Mimi Faust and Stevie J have decided to sit down with their daughter, Eva, and break the news that she will now be an older sister, but beforehand, the two have other matters to discuss. Mimi tells Stevie about her meeting with Estelita, and when he begins to talk excitedly about her, Mimi reminds him of what happened with Joseline. She thinks he should keep things business and not taint his working relationship with his new signee.

As Mimi informs him about the trip to Jamaica the girls want Estelita to attend, Stevie J begins to be a bit concerned with Estelita hanging with Tammy and company but is mainly concerned with keeping Estelia away from Joseline. Mimi also urges Stevie to keep Eva away from Joseline, a sign that she's not under the impression that Joseline is a changed woman. When Stevie reveals to Eva that she has a little sister, she takes the news in stride and is visibly excited to meet her, a reaction that makes Mimi and Stevie proud, bringing the Jordan family one step closer to being united as a family.

Joesline, who's heading to L.A. to tape her appearance for The Real, is rolling in style and displays her risqué and humorous personality, charming the crowd in what is a memorable appearance and a reminder of the Puerto Rican Princess’ popularity. However, when the hosts of the real inquire about Rasheeda and Kirk’s relationship, Joseline’s answer paints Kirk as guilty of fathering Jasmine’s child and her remarks are controversial and abrasive.

Tammy and Rasheeda bring Estelita to Melissa’s shop. Karlie Redd, who is planning a grand opening for one of her new business establishments, is there too. When Estelita mentions that Joseline referenced Rasheeda’s relationship during her appearance on The Real and shows her a clip of the segment, Rasheeda is clearly offended by Joseline’s actions and the damage that it could cause to her and Kirk’s son. When Tammy, Rasheeda and Melissa suggest that Estelita attend the trip to Jamaica to network, Karlie, who is aware that Joseline will be unhappy with Estelita’s presence, is tempted to spill the beans about the possible drama looming, but decides to keep it to herself in an attempt to keep her name in the clear.

Tommie, who regrets that she put Yung Joc into an uncomfortable situation at his comedy show, has come to visit him and apologize for her actions. But when Joc cracks a joke about his baby mother, Sina, it breaks the ice between the two, and they let bygones be bygones. Tommie admits that she did use Joc to get back at Karlie, but when the rapper mentions that he’ll be attending Karlie’s grand opening, Tommie becomes a bit annoyed. Joc stands firm in his loyalty to Karlie and says that he will not betray her trust, even for Tommie.

Estelita meets with Stevie J to catch up on things, and lets him in on her meeting with Tammy, Rasheeda, Mimi and Karlie, and although she says she’s taking a liking to the women, Karlie rubbed her the wrong way with her actions, which is no surprise to Stevie. He's well aware of Karlie’s shady ways. When Estelita also reveals that Melissa has invited her to be her date to the event, Stevie warns Estelita to be wary of dealing with the women in Atlanta and says that he should inform her of her dealings. Estelita also mentions Mimi’s comment about Joseline still being signed to Stevie’s record label. He admits that Joseline is signed to his label, but says he hasn’t been working with her as of late and intends to put all of his attention into building Estelita’s career. This is news that eases her concerns, for the moment at least.

The drama surrounding Kirk’s alleged baby has been taking its toll on Rasheeda, who meets up with Kirk to clear the air and discuss how they’ll be moving forward. When Kirk says that the lack of romance between himself and Rasheeda caused him to stray from home, she fires back by saying that it's no excuse for his actions. When Kirk says that Rasheeda shouldn't be affected by the gossip surrounding their marital issues, Rasheeda tells Kirk to take the DNA test and to call her when he has sorted his situation out. When he's ready to find out the truth, move forward and own up to his mistakes, that's when she'll give him her time.

When Joseline returns from L.A., Stevie J sits down with her and asks why she commented on Kirk and Rasheeda’s marital issues during her appearance on The Real. Joseline defends herself by claiming what she shared was already public info and not meant to be malicious. Stevie suggests that Joseline should get back in business with him, an offer which she finds humorous, and leads her to reiterate that she wants to keep her personal relationship and her business relationship with him separate.

Then Stevie J suggests that Joseline move into his home with her and begins to flirt with her, she turns the tables on him by reminding him of her plans to move to Miami with Bonnie Bella, which gets a rise out of him. Stevie, who has come around to being a father to Bonnie Bella, says that she will be going nowhere and that he will be an active part of her life. Joselinr continues to upset Stevie when she says that she wants $20,000 a month in child support or else she’s taking him to court, leading Stevie to scoff at her threats, a sign that their reconciliation may be headed for a nasty turn, sooner than later.

Karlie Redd’s grand opening for her new shop has arrived, and all of her close friends are in attendance for the festive night, including Joc, whom Karlie personally invited. But when Karlie shows up with Ceasar from the VH1 reality show Black Ink and introduces him as her man, Joc is visibly caught off guard by Karlie's statement, which is sure to lead to ensuing drama on the next episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

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