This episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta kicks off with fresh starts and hopes of reconciliation but ends in a hostile meeting.

Joseline is ready to get back in the swing of things after delivering her baby and decides to get out of the house and meet up with Jessica Dime and Melissa for a night out on the town. One tidbit that Joseline reveals is an opportunity she’s been offered to be on daytime talk show The Real. She's excited about the opportunity and thinks it will be beneficial to her career. Jessica Dime also spills the tea about what happened at Tommie’s wine tasting. When Joseline finds out her name was mentioned during the war of words, she's clearly not amused. Joseline also appears to be open to reconciling with Karlie Redd, which leads Melissa to set up a meeting between the two.

Karlie Redd pulls up on Yung Joc to discuss what went down between herself and Tommie. When Karlie says she feels betrayed by Joc, he responds by informing her that although he didn’t have sex with Tommie, he feels that Karlie hasn’t been as upfront with him. He thinks she displayed sneaky ways during their time together. Karlie begins to get emotional and says that she wants Joc to step up to the plate and have her back as the man in her life. While he says that he's in her corner, Joc wants her to dial back her gossiping ways and the drama that comes with it.

Rasheeda confronts her mother, Shirlene, about her actions at Scrappy's Bachelor Bash. Shirlene says that although she didn’t mean to embarrass Rasheeda, she’s steadfast in her belief that Kirk has to own up to his infidelity and shortcomings by taking a paternity test. When Shirlene asks if Rasheeda and Kirk will continue as a married couple, Rasheeda says that she’s been considering a divorce, but has been hesitant only for the sake of their children. She's comfortable with separating from Kirk but she needs space to figure things out.

In regards to Kirk taking a paternity test, Rasheeda also says that she’s not going out of her way to force him to. He will have to eventually own up to his actions and the transgressions he’s committed.

Tommie is still reeling from her run-in with Karlie Redd and sits down with Lovely Mimi to vent about her recent issues, including her falling out with her mother, whom she says that she plans on reaching out to in order to get closure. K.K. King is attempting to help mend Tommie’s relationship with her mother, Samantha, and sits down with her to urge her to step up and play more of a motherly role in Tommie’s life, and points to Samantha’s own drinking as a factor in their failed relationship. When Samantha says that she’s failed to get closer to Tommie due to her daughter being guarded, K.K. King says that it’s just due to Tommie’s own alcoholism and that the two should seek therapy together as a way to strengthen their bond.

K.K. King’s idea to get Tommie and her mother Samantha together comes to fruition, as the two meet up at her apartment to hash out their disagreements, but the conversation immediately turns into a shouting match. Tommie says that she doesn’t know her mother and that she’s not comfortable being around her. She's opposed to having a relationship with her mother. But when Samantha accuses Tommie of only coming around or speaking to her when she has boyfriend problems, Tommie becomes even more irate and has to be restrained and calmed down by security until she exits the premises.

Tommie calms down thanks to K.K., who gets her to come back in the apartment to resume a conversation with Samantha. When K.K. asks if she wants to love her mother, Tommie says that she’s not ready to mend their relationship until Samantha owns up to her own transgressions as a parent. Tommie also says that the root of her hatred for her mother stems from her sending her away to a juvenile facility as a youth. She doesn’t want to sit down with her mother and although she has love for her, she wants to have no ties to her. As Tommie storms out, Samantha, who says she gave birth to Tommie when she was 17 years old, says that she also doesn't care to repair their relationship and will not tolerate her daughter's disrespect, putting any hopes for a reconciliation in doubt.

Joseline prepares to travel to New York for her appearance on The Real, but before she leaves, she sits down with Stevie J to discuss their daughter and continue to build their relationship. When Stevie suggests their daughter Bonnie Bella stay with him and his family while Joseline is in New York, she balks at the suggestion. Bonnie will be staying with one of Joseline’s relatives, but Stevie insists that he’s equipped to take care of his own daughter. He's not done broaching the topic and ready and willing to pull a stunt to ultimately get his way.

Tammy Rivera, who has been going through her own marital issues with Waka Flocka Flame, has organized a bonfire with Mimi Faust, Bambi, Karlie Redd, Ciara and Rasheeda to present an opportunity for the women to unpack their personal baggage in a group setting. As each woman gives an account of their heartbreak and the trials and tribulations endured in their relationships, the circle becomes highly emotional, but also appears to strengthen the group's bond with each other and as a whole.

In her attempt to help rebuild the bridge that is Joseline and Karlie Redd’s relationship, Melissa sits down with Karlie to inform her of Joseline’s desire to bury the hatchet between the two. She convinces Karlie to give Joseline a chance and see the woman that she’s become. However, when Joseline and Karlie both agree to sit down with each other, the meeting does not go as planned.

Karlie Redd seems open to keeping the peace, but Joseline immediately gets catty and brings up Karlie's gossiping and pegs her as "messy," a label that Karlie does not take kindly. As tempers continue to flare and Joseline's jabs begin to get under Karlie's skin, Karlie gets furious and storms out in a rage, much to the pleasure of the Puerto Rican Princess. The cold war between these two appeared to almost come to an end, but as this latest episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has shown, that will certainly not be the case anytime soon.

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