The shenanigans that occurred during the last week of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta ended with Stevie J's daughters getting into a heated argument with Joseline Hernandez, which nearly became physical.

Now Stevie and Joseline's reunion suddenly has a roadblock in it. Although upset at Joseline, Stevie's daughters are still worried about their father falling back into Joseline's web. They only know of one person to call and vent to that understands their position, which is Mimi Faust—they all share the ill will and bitter feelings that each harbor towards the Puerto Rican Princess. Reaching a consensus that they would rather Stevie J be with someone other than Joseline, the three strengthen their bond with one another through their mutual love for each other and Stevie, as they hope that the man in their lives comes to his senses and better judgement.

The stress from dealing with Kirk's infidelity has began to take a toll on Rasheeda, leading her to decide that it would be best for her and her family to go on a weekend getaway, bringing along her children, as well as her mother, Shirlene. Shirlene, who remains concerned about Rasheeda's marital situation, is in full support of her daughter, telling Rasheeda that she's proud of her and wants her to leave her issues at home and enjoy her trip.

Shirline has witnessed her daughter's pain, and reveals its become her own, which has taken a toll on her as well. However, Shirlene says that she will not be silenced and will continue to speak up on her daughter's behalf, which Rasheeda shows her appreciation for. Although Rasheeda says that she has her moments when she needs time to herself to get a break from it all, she has been functioning very well, considering the circumstances, and hasn't let her extramarital issues get the best of her.

However, Rasheeda and family are in for a pleasant surprise as Kirk decides to show up and crash the party with some big news. Due to his fears that Jasmine would stake her claim to the businesses that Rasheeeda and Kirk built together if he's indeed the father of her child, he suggests that he and Rasheeda get a separation to legally protect their assets.

The suggestion, which Kirk delivers in front of Shirlene and his own children, completely blindsides Rasheeda, who is unsure of Kirk's intentions. However, he makes it a point to say that it's more of a formality to protect Rasheeda and that he has her best interest in mind. He also says that if Rasheeda were to request a divorce, he would give her all that she ask for due to getting her involved in his own mess. Shirlene, on the other hand, is not satisfied with Kirk's explanation and as she continues to pester him about the DNA test, Kirk becomes angered. He asks Shirline to allow Rasheeda and him to speak one-on-one. Mom doesn't budge, leading Kirk to storm off in a fit, and leaving Rasheeda to take the documents to her lawyer and get a full understanding of the matter at hand.

Fresh off their trip to Jamaica, Tammy Rivera and Jessica Dime, who made amends with each other and became fast friends, are enjoying each other's company. Tammy suggests that Dime and Tommie also wave the right flag, come to a truce and move forward. When Tommie, who Tammy is also fond with, is given this proposition, she is a bit slow to accept and shares her reservations about the situation, but is ultimately coaxed into agreeing to the meeting. When Tommie says that she didn't appreciate the way that Jessica Dime came at Tammy initially, Jessica asks why she didn't handle the situation differently, and the two continue their exchange. But when Tommie says that "anyone can get this work" while sharing her view of the situation, Jessica Dime takes offense and they nearly come to blows before security intervenes and keeps them from attacking each other.

Jessica Dime calls Tommie a "fake ass gangster," while Tommie responds by saying that Jessica knows how to reach her if she's really interested in seeing how gangster she can get for herself. Then security steps in to keep both women at bay. Tammy, who felt that Tommie and Jessica could've been good friends had they been able to control their tempers, realizes that her meeting may have been more ill-advised than she thought.

Aside from her various beefs, one issue that Tommie has yet to resolve is the strain in the relationship between herself and her mother, Samantha, whom she attempted to reconcile with earlier in the season, to no avail. However, KK King is adamant about seeing Tommie and Samantha repair their relationship and decides to form a meeting between Tammy Rivera's mother, Momma Dee and Deb Antney. This way the women can share their experiences with Samantha and help her to rebuild the trust and love between herself and Tommie.

As Samantha begins to get emotional while sharing her guilt due to her shortcomings as a mother, the ladies urge Samantha to move forward, not dwell on the past. This way she can make whatever sacrifices it takes to correct the relationship with her daughter. Momma Dee, who has moved into a new home, extends an invitation to all of the mothers and their daughters to join her, including Samantha and Tommie.

Time will tell how the reunion between Tommie and her mother goes this time around, but hopefully it's for the best and ends this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta on a heartwarming note.

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