After her trip to Jamaica during last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Karlie Redd is making sense of her love life while having a conversation with Jessica Dime during their last few hours on the beach. Karlie says that she and Ceasar are just dating and that she’s simply going through the process it takes to find a soul mate. When asked if she still has feelings for Yung Joc, Karlie says she just wants the rapper to be loyal to her, a hint that she may be open to repairing their relationship.

Trouble arises when Mimi receives an emergency phone call and discovers that Stevie J has had her daughter Eva around Joseline against her wishes, which leaves her livid and causes her to immediately book a flight back to Miami to confront her ex.

Back in Atlanta, Rod and Logan meet up to discuss why he’s been popping up at Jasmine’s job, but when the two begin talking, it becomes clear to Rod that he hasn’t been getting the full story. Logan says that he’s had relations with Jasmine as recently as September 2015, and that he believes there’s a good chance that he’s the father of the her child. When Logan makes mention of the apartment complex that Kirk allegedly arranged for her to live in, Rod begins to become skeptical of whether Jasmine has been completely honest with him. As the two continue to bicker, Logan says that Rod is jealous because he’s been having relations with Jasmine while the two were together. Although Rod says that he’s aware Jasmine had an abortion, he was told that it was his own child that was getting aborted, not Logan’s, another tidbit that gives him cause to pause.

When Mimi confronts Stevie J, he says that he was not the one that brought their daughter, Eva, around Joseline. Apparently it was his other daughters that may have brought Eva around her by mistake. Despite Stevie’s explanation, Mimi says that she’s had thoughts of filing a restraining order against Joseline if Stevie and Joseline don’t get their acts together regarding Eva. Stevie wants to make things right and have all parties be amicable, a wish that doesn’t appear to be realistic given their present state.

Karlie Redd is disappointed at how the Jamaica trip ended and meets with Jessica Dime to catch up with her close friend in an attempt to keep the good vibes going. When Jessica Dime says she believes that Karlie was dating Ceasar to get back at Yung Joc and make him jealous, Karlie admits that she does have special feelings for Joc, but that Ceasar introducing her to his mom was a sign that he may be more open to settling down and being faithful than Joc has showed her.

Stevie is in between a rock and a hard place concerning Mimi’s beef with Joseline being around her daughter and sits down with Joseline to hash things out. During the conversation, Stevie reveals that he’s been working with a new artist, news that makes Joseline upset, as she puts her foot down and says that she will be the only female artist that Stevie will work with. Things take a bizarre twist, as Joseline surprises Stevie when she presents him with a wedding ring in the form of a marriage proposal. She tells Stevie  to set a wedding date, a move that catches him off guard. He wants to settle some of their issues before they can even think about getting married. So Joseline agrees to sit down with his daughters in an attempt to make things right and atone for her actions.

Mimi Faust sits down with Estelita so they can get more acquainted with each other, and the first topic of discussion is Estelita’s run-in with Karlie Redd—the two were at odds during their first meeting. But the talk moves towards Mimi being angry with Joseline's presence around her daughter, Eva. Estelita says that all of the drama surrounding Stevie J is beginning to make her have second thoughts about working with him. She also says that having Joseline in her stable would make him a liar, given his reassurances that she would be the flagship artist of his record label. When Mimi offers to take Estelita out for a night on the town, she accepts the invite and says that Mimi should invite Karlie and the rest of the girls too. This way they can clear the air and attempt to be friends with each other and move forward.

Ceasar confronts Karlie Redd about being filmed in a video with Yung Joc during their time in Jamaica, news that he’s clearly unhappy with. In her defense, Karlie says that she had nothing to do with Joc showing up to Jamaica and that aside from him apologizing for his actions, they were not intimate at all during the trip. When Ceasar says that if Karlie wants to be with Joc, she should focus on him, she claims that she wants to be with Ceasar instead and shows her affection by breaking her celibacy and sleeping with him for the first time.

Rod confronts Jasmine about his meeting with Logan. He says Logan and Jasmine had relations more recently than he was told, news that angers and embarrasses Rod. However, Jasmine claims that she ‘s been honest and forthcoming and that Rod should trust her instead of questioning and doubting her. When Rod brings up the point that Logan says that Cannon was named after his father, Jasmine says that Kirk picked out the name from a list they had made up of baby names and that it was a coincidence. Rod says that he wants Jasmine to take a DNA test and clear up the static and prove that she’s been truthful, a request that she reluctantly accepts.

Jessica Dime, inspired by Tammy Rivera’s listening party in Jamaica, has decided to throw her own event in Atlanta, which she invites all of her friends to. But things quickly take a turn for the worse when Estelita walks in the building and Karlie Redd decides to give her a piece of her mind. Karlie explains why she gave her the cold shoulder, but when Estelita says that her and Stevie J’s relationship is none of her business, Karlie throws a tray of vegetables on her before she is corralled by security, ending any hopes of reconciliation between the two.

In an attempt to broker peace within his family given his engagement to Joseline, Stevie J arranges for his daughter to sit down with the Puerto Rican Princess and put the bad blood between them aside and move forward. As Joseline begins to become emotional while pleading her case, Stevie’s daughter becomes increasingly hostile and is unmoved by her tears. When Joseline says that Stevie’s daughter cannot beat her in a fight, the comment throws her over the edge and causes her to lose control and storm out. This incident puts the future of their relationship on thin ice and creates possible friction that could become an issue during a future episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

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